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I am contacting you today, because I know the information provided in this massagel could really make a HUGE difference for your Business, so be sure to read every word.

The information I provide in this massage could help you get money you probably don’t even know you qualify for and have coming to you.

YOUR BUSINESS probably already qualifies for ERTC FUNDING for the W-2 Employees you have employed in your business.

So, what is ERTC Funding?

The Federal Government has recently amended the CARES Act, and it now makes more businesses eligible to collect the Employee Retention Tax Credit Funds

that were originally offered to help businesses that were affected by and qualified for Covid-19 relief.

Because of the processing time involved for the ERTC program,

most business’s chose to participate in the PPP program, because it got them funding quickly, whereas the ERTC Funding initially took at least 6 months to process and get paid on.

Even if you previously participated and collected funding under the PPP program, you probably now also qualify to receive additional funding under the ERTC program.

If you didn’t participate in the PPP program, then you possibly have an even bigger check with your name on it.

The ERTC program has been expanded to help more business owners retain their employees, and it pays you money for the W-2 employees that you had employed and retained during the years 2020- 2021.

The qualification for each year is slightly different but depending upon what you paid out to W-2 employees in wages for both years, you could qualify to get back as much as $33,000 PER EMPLOYEE.

NO that is not a TYPO.You could possibly receive as much as 70% of the wages you paid out, up to $10K PER EMPLOYEE PER QUARTERS 1, 2 & 3 in 2021!

In most cases, we are talking about a nice big check coming to you as the business owner, so you should definitely follow through with this to see what your business can qualify for.

Most businesses were affected in one way or another by the negative effects Covid had on the economy,

but the good news is that the Government has made it much easier now to qualify for this ERTC Funding and because of recent changes, now more businesses can qualify.

The best thing about these FUNDS is that they never have to be paid back. What business wouldn’t benefit from this program?

That is why I am reaching out to you today, because I know how hard you work in running your business, because I have friends that own businesses too.

I just recently found out about the changes made in the ERTC Fund program, which makes it easier to qualify for, and I decided to personally reach out to you today to notify you about the ERTC Funds that your business probably already qualifies for.

The reason that you probably haven’t heard about this yet, is because the government has done a bad job in publicizing this information. But because a friend of mine recently found out about this and told me about it,

I decided to help get the word out and notify every business owner I can about this ERTC Funding Program, so you can also take advantage and get the Funding your business qualifies for.

This funding isn’t related to just one industry or type of business, so if you know another Business Owner who has W-2 Employees, feel free to forward this email over to them and tell them to reach out to me, so I can personally help them too.

If you have W-2 Employees, that you have paid wages to in 2020 and/or in 2021, then you probably qualify for ERTC Funding. Even if you just started up your business during this time period, you probably also qualify for ERTC Funding too.

This is why I have prioritized reaching out to as many Business Owners as possible, so they can become aware of this program and submit their business’s Initial Inquiry Form to see if they qualify.

My friend is dealing with and recommending the best ERTC Accounting Specialists in the Industry, who have already gotten hundreds of businesses ERTC Tax Credit Money. They all started this process by filling out the simple Initial Inquiry Form.

Although the Funds are called Tax Credits, you can receive a cash payment from the IRS/US Treasury instead of taking the credit.I don’t want you to miss out on this, because knowing the Payroll Expenses incurred by an average Business, I am pretty sure that you too have a nice check waiting for you.

Don’t dismiss and ignore this, because this ERTC Funding is very real, and you most likely qualify for it and can use it right now in your business.

It takes a few minutes to complete the simple Initial Inquiry Form that helps the expert ERTC Accounting Team assess whether your business qualifies or not.

If it does, then they will reach out to you to explain the whole process in more detail and request the other information you will need to provide.

Once you submit the information they need, they can turn around your application and get it filed with the IRS in about 2-4 weeks, and then the IRS will review the application and process your Funds and send you your ERTC Check.

It is quick to get started. Just go to this website for more information and you can fill out the Initial Inquiry Form at the bottom of the website and someone from their Team will be back in touch with you shortly.

This might just be the best think you did for your Business ever.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or you can speak to the ERTC expert Accounting Team once you have submitted your Initial Inquiry Form.

Most of the information about the program is available on the website.


The knowledge you need to understand the requirements for filing and processing a qualified and approved application are complex and best left up to these experts,

and that is why my friend is highly recommending and arranged to connect you with these ERTC Accounting Experts.

Most CPAs don’t have the specialized knowledge or time to process these types of applications, but this is all this expert ERTC Accounting Team does,

and they will be happy to work with your Business Accountant if needed, to obtain the necessary business paperwork to get your business it’s ERTC Funds.

If you have a friend that owns a business and has employees and pays out W-2 wages,

then do them a huge favor and forward this email to them, so they can also take advantage of this program.

They will thank you for thinking of them and helping them get connected for their own ERTC Funding.

Thank you for taking action for YOUR BUSINESS

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and let me know that you applied. Sincerely,

Dennt Hemlin