Albaad Partners with the Startup Sequel

Sequel has recently partnered with Albaad, the leading manufacturer of personal hygiene products, to bring you leakage-preventing tampons that are sure to revolutionise the period experience for women around the globe.

Who is Sequel

Founded by 2 product design engineers – Greta Meyer and Amanda Calabrese, Sequel’s mission is to raise the standard of women’s products with better design and superior technology. And they are starting their journey by putting the focus on a leakage-preventing tampon. Having both competed as high-level athletes, these women were essentially looking to produce a product that they would have liked to have available to them while competing in their respective sports. Being able to fully understand the mindset of performance athletes is exactly what gives Meyer and Calabrese their edge, they know that nothing is more off-putting before an important event than worrying about a bulky pad or leaky tampon, and it was with this understanding that they set out to revolutionise the tampon.
After a year spent researching and designing, the Sequel team can confidently say they have re-engineered the tampon for distraction-free periods.


What makes their tampon different?

Sequel’s patented spiral design is more fluid mechanically efficient, meaning it absorbs fluid more evenly and will not leak before it is full. Calabrese noticed that in regular tampons, the vertical channels were causing the menstrual fluid to be diverted away from the absorbing core. By extending the flow path through the spiral on the outside, they were able to solve this problem. With their tampon design, women no longer have to worry about embarrassing leaks and can go about their day with confidence, whether in the boardroom, the stadium or anywhere in-between.


A perfect match – Albaad and Sequel

With their innovative design and exciting vision for the future of feminine products, Sequel was in need of a production partner to bring their vision to market. As one of the largest manufacturers of feminine hygiene products and leading wet wipes manufacturers, we at Albaad are thrilled to be taking on that role. Through joining forces with startups, we expect to speed up the development of innovative products and strengthen Albaad’s international reach.
“We are so proud of all the research, design, development and technology that has gone into” creating the Sequel tampon,” said Greta Meyer, Sequel CEO. “We knew from the outset the only way to deliver a truly innovative product was to find a manufacturer able to help execute our vision. We are thrilled to have built this relationship with Albaad Fem, which is the next big step towards seeing Sequel tampons on store shelves.”

This partnership between Albaad and Sequel is an important step forward in providing women with more options when it comes to their feminine hygiene needs. With leakage-preventing tampons on the market, women can have peace of mind knowing that their day won’t be ruined by unexpected leakage. With Albaad’s commitment to high-quality products and Sequel’s cutting-edge design, women can trust that these tampons will provide long-lasting protection, and they can say goodbye to the days of leaks and mess.