Albaad’s 2022 and New Year Plans

As the new year approaches we’ve taken this opportunity to look back on 2022 and celebrate all Albaad has achieved and all we plan to accomplish in the new year.

Can you believe the New Year is almost upon us? 

As we approach the coming year, we are looking back on all that has happened here at Albaad. From expanding production to our focus on sustainability, we are so proud of our progress and look forward to what’s to come. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest events at Albaad in 2022: 


Change of Leadership

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Jacob Heen as Albaad’s new CEO. An experienced business leader, we look forward to seeing Jacob lead Albaad to new heights.

On behalf of the Albaad family, we extend our sincere thanks to Dan Mesika, our CEO for the past 7 years. His invaluable service has helped Albaad achieve great things, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Expanding Production

We are excited about the progress of our latest warehouse, going up in Ochtrup, Germany. We’re proud to see how the building is taking shape, and we look forward to increasing our efficiency and creating new jobs.

At Albaad Iberia, we invested in a new CIP (clean-in-place) system that provides us with the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation for our production lines. Our fully automated system cleans the liquid pipe systems of our equipment, allowing for a consistent and efficient process while creating a safe environment for our employees. This is just one more step that we as wet wipes manufacturers have taken to improve the quality, versatility, and safety of our powerful control and operations system.


Events, Workshops, and Training

Here at Albaad, we are always looking for learning opportunities and chances to display our products to the world. Most recently, Albaad Germany attended an Agency Training Event intended for students to gain insight into apprenticeships on offer. Albaad was honoured to attend and answer the students’ many questions about our training. Additionally, Albaad Spain took part in the annual Master of Cosmetology and Dermatology class at the University of Barcelona. 

Throughout the year, we have taken part in many international events. Most recently, we displayed our leading products and innovations in sustainable wet wipes at the PLMA’s annual World of Private Label International Trade Show in Amsterdam. Our thanks to PLMA for this important international event. 


Focus on Sustainability

We have always prided ourselves on our continuing efforts to care for our planet.  We put our utmost focus on producing products that are eco-friendly. We are investing around €50 million in expanding and improving our production of a sustainable fabric. As flushable wipes manufacturers we’re proud of our Hydrofine product, which is made entirely from natural fibres, biodegradable, fully flushable, and plastic-free. As the first wet wipes manufacturer to pass the IWSFG flushability Standard Test, we know what goes into producing truly flushable wipes. This year, we celebrated 2 years since successfully passing the test!

We also added a Hydrofine wetlace hybrid line to our Dimona, Israel facility. The line will commence during the third quarter of 2023 and will produce a wide variety of pulp-based wet wipes, putting the focus once more on environmentally sustainable products.


Charity and Doing Good

We are constantly looking for opportunities to donate our wet wipes and other products to those in need. Most recently, we opened the doors of our warehouse and donated disinfecting wipes to organisations in need. As household cleaning wipes manufacturers, we’re aware of the very real need for antibacterial wipes within organisations. Being able to help these charities continue their vital work is an honour for Albaad. Throughout the year, we have also stood by important causes, the most notable being the dire situation in Ukraine. Albaad, in collaboration with NOSTA, donated pallets of wet wipes to Ukrainian refugees. 

The flooding in the Ahrtal region of Germany last year affected approximately 40,000 people, leaving many without clean water, electricity, or gas. Even now, months later, thousands of people’s homes are still uninhabitable, many having to be completely rebuilt. At Albaad, we decided to come to their aid with a second round of donations, including 5,400 packs of baby wipes for the families in the affected Ahr Valley.

We continued with our mission to deliver products of the highest quality while expanding and developing new facilities, products, and initiatives. We continued in our efforts to become more sustainable, with significant investments in more environmentally-friendly products. We also contributed to important causes and prioritized helping others. In this coming year, we hope to do even more for our Albaad family, friends, customers, and the world we live in.


Happy New Year!