Albaad’s Global Reach

Albaad has a global footprint with manufacturing plants all over the world. This enables us to support the growing demand and have an impressive global reach.

These last two years the world has witnessed the devastation caused in production lines, when the pandemic caused the world to shut down. At Albaad we’ve created the infrastructure necessary to support global demand and provide on-time service to anywhere on the planet. Having a global reach means there are delays with Albaad.

We currently have 8 manufacturing plants, located in the US, Poland, Germany, Iberia and Israel, meaning we have established manufacturing networks on 3 continents around the world. Essentially giving us the ability to reach more customers, and respond to local orders at an impressive speed. We also have the added benefit of our global manufacturing plants being supported by our internationally located research and development offices. And our international company culture enables us to provide products, consultation and proper product development to meet the needs of all of our global clients.

We at Albaad are a private label wet wipes manufacturer as well as a contract wet wipes manufacturer. We are able to make every part of the required product, and all of our manufacturing processes and facilities meet international standards for safe manufacturing. Some of the world’s largest retailers and big-name brands rely on us for high-quality wet wipes manufacturing and solutions.

We currently have over 35 years experience of wet wipes development and manufacturing, and we are committed to pioneering new approaches to manufacturing innovative products. We are particularly proud of the part we’ve played as flushable wipes manufacturers, making sure there has been a large focus on environmental sustainability. 

All our products are fully customizable to our customer’s complete and precise needs. This includes understanding and meeting their local needs and requirements. We are aware of the strict manufacturing standards and regulations for all countries we produce for. Our first priority is high-quality, safe products.

From baby care wipes, to household cleaning wipes and more, we offer a wide range and variety of customizable wipes and other product solutions. There is a wipe for every industry, from leather cleaning wipes to veterinary wipes.

No matter where in the world you are located Albaad has your wet wipe needs covered. Be in touch with us to learn more about working together.