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Albaad wet wipes manufacturing

Albaad’s Global Wipes Manufacturing Capabilities

We at Albaad have been global leaders in wet wipes manufacturing for over 25 years. Learn more about our global wipes manufacturing capabilities.

Global manufacturers have an efficient supply chain that spans across the world. There are many advantages to using them, from reducing production costs to more easily adapting to change and staying focused on innovation. It also helps you deliver your products more quickly.

At Albaad, we fully understand and utilize the advantages that come with being wet wipes manufacturers that have global manufacturing capabilities. No matter where your customer base is located, you need a way to deliver to them quickly and efficiently. You benefit with globally dispersed manufacturing facilities because you’ll truly be able to service the world. When you have a large order you need delivered quickly, you can rely on us to make that happen. We’re able to deliver the exact products you need in the fastest amount of time. 

We have manufacturing plants all over the world, from Germany to the USA to Poland and more. Each plant has hundreds of employees and has broad production capabilities. For instance, our plant in Spain is 50,000 sqm. With sites on three continents, we are with you every step of the way to creating your dream wet wipe. 

Not only that, but we know how to customize our products according to what you need. We take care of all aspects of your wet wipes. This includes size, shape, weight, ingredients, fragrance, and packaging, ensuring that your product perfectly meets local demands. We meet both international and local requirements. At Albaad, we have experience serving leading global brands, retail chains, and local markets.

We also offer different manufacturing options, from private label and contract manufacturing to institutional manufacturing. Private label means that you’d choose one of our existing products and use your company branding to sell it. You can always customize your product to suit your exact needs, but you’d have a ready product to sell. If you’re looking for contract wet wipes manufacturers, then you’ll figure out each component of the product from scratch, with our help and expertise. Our institutional manufacturing capabilities are the best solution for hospitals, elderly care facilities, and general care. 

Looking towards the future is an extremely important component of the manufacturer you choose. You want to make sure your products are top of the line. The best way to do that is to ensure that your manufacturer has access to the latest advancements in the field. We continually upgrade and develop our products according to our latest discoveries in our own research facilities. We’re able to continue developing our revolutionary technologies by exchanging information between our global research centers. This means that we have direct access to the local market and understand the needs of our customers. 

The latest example of our innovation comes in our moist toilet tissues, which are flushable while meeting environmental needs. They’re made of biodegradable materials and don’t cause blockage when you flush them. We are the first company worldwide to successfully pass the IWSFG Flushability Standard test. We also comply with the most updated EDANA/INDA flushability guidelines (the leading international standard in today’s global market). Additionally, we have the “fine to flush” qualification. When we say our wipes are flushable, we really mean it. 

Our innovation isn’t just in the fact that we are flushable wipes manufacturers. We have a wide range of products, from cleaning household wipes to maternity wipes to cleaning hand wipes. We make sure that every single product we make is up to the highest of standards. At Albaad, we prioritize hygiene, cleanliness, comfort, safety, and convenience. 

As you can see, our global manufacturing capabilities are broad and suited to your needs. Contact us to learn more. 


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private label wet wipes

Our Guide to Private Label Wet Wipes

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about private label wet wipes, from what they are to what they can do for you. 

What does “private label” mean?

A private label product is a product supplied by a third-party manufacturer and sold under another company’s brand. Let’s say you have a product you want to sell. In this case, wet wipes. You need someone else to manufacture the product for you, but you want your own company’s branding on it. This is where finding a private label wipes manufacturer is important; they supply the exact product you want with your company branding, and you go on to sell them. You control everything about the wet wipes, from its size and weight to how it’s packaged. As far as consumers are concerned, those wet wipes are your own brand wet wipes. 

How does this help you?

There are many advantages to producing private label products, from making sure that your product is exactly what you envisioned to making sure the price is right and creating the perfect branding. Here’s the breakdown of why private label is the way to go: 


You get to customize your wet wipes to perfectly match customer demand and make sure they’re exactly what you want. There’s so much to consider when you’re producing your own wet wipes, from their size, shape, weight, ingredients, fragrance, and packaging. These are all factors you take into account and are able to control. 

Maximize Your Profits: 

You get to decide how much you want to spend on wet wipes production to ensure that you’re able to maximize your profits. Balancing quality with good pricing makes for very happy customers, and you’ll come out on top. 


If you sell products that have the manufacturer’s branding, your customers will develop loyalty to the manufacturer, not to you. The biggest advantage of private label products is that their packaging has your own name and branding. You can build true customer relationships and have people coming back for more because it’s your company. 

Where should you go to manufacture private label wet wipes? 

The supplier you choose is extremely important. You’re trusting them to supply you with the product of your dreams at the best price and to deliver what your customers want, all while holding by regulations of the countries you’ll be distributing in and ensuring the highest quality. 

Luckily, the choice here is simple. There are many reasons to choose Albaad as your wet wipes manufacturer. For starters, we have unique manufacturing capabilities. Our manufacturing and research facilities are located globally, which means that we’re able to respond quickly to your needs. We can produce and deliver large amounts of exactly what you and your customer needs in a timely fashion. We also make sure that all products are made in accordance with international and local regulatory requirements. 

On top of that, we’re always looking for ways to innovate our products to meet your exact requirements. We make sure to deliver products of the highest quality because we know how important that is to both you and your customers. We are also committed to environmental sustainability. 

It’s also worth mentioning that we have over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing wet wipes. We’re always looking for ways to improve your product line while enhancing your brand visibility. We make sure that both your product and business objectives are supported by our products. 

We can provide a vast variety of different products. If you want to distribute household wipes, we have the product for you. We also supply flushable wipes, feminine care products, cosmetic wipes, baby wipes, para-pharma wipes…the list goes on. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to find out more.


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wet wipes

Wet wipes, are they all the same? The complete guide

Living in the year 2021 and in the midst of a global pandemic, balancing the demands of life/work/children/running a household is an almost impossible task. On top of that, our hands must always be germ-free, our personal living/working spaces need to be cleaner than ever and our time and money is particularly precious. Now on the supermarket shelves, we are seeing a myriad of wet wipes for all occasions: Cleaning babies, removing makeup, cleaning houses and more. With wet wipe manufacturers promising to deliver quick and easy solutions to cleaning, and endless promises of their capabilities, are they all just the same thing?

Here’s a breakdown of some popular wet wipes on the market and what is worth buying:


Cleaning Hand Wipes

Good hand hygiene is one of the key responsibilities we have to stop the spread of bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus. While the most effective way of killing germs is using soap and water, practically, one doesn’t always have access to them when they are out and about. Another popular alternative is alcoholic hand sanitizer gel/foam, though it’s critical to remember that alcohol will evaporate and lose its effectiveness when left in the heat so it isn’t always the most practical solution. Hand sanitizing wipes are most people’s ideal choice since they are clean and convenient, and can also be used to clean dirt from hands making it a more functional choice to carry around. Many hand wipes manufacturers will also offer alcohol free options to avoid drying the skin.


Baby Wipes

This is often the most confusing category. With so many brands out there promising to protect and soothe our precious babies’ skin, where do we even start? Do babies really need their own specialized wet wipes? The answer is yes. Baby skin is extremely delicate and can be easily irritated when exposed to excess moisture and certain elements. Many general wet wipes contain ingredients which can trigger allergic reactions for babies with sensitive skin so they are best to avoid. There are a wide range of wet wipes containing more natural and mild ingredients to help protect a baby’s fragile skin, such as: aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, cucumber, honey, oat, green tea, just to name a few. When it comes to the comfort of our babies, there is no question why these wipes are worth buying. 


Cosmetic Wipes

The most popular and widely sold cosmetic wipes are facial wipes. Many boast that they can expertly remove makeup, while cleansing and moisturizing the face too. But would other wipes provide the same results? If baby wipes are sensitive enough for a baby’s skin, surely they should work on our face, right? While they would probably be safe and gentle enough to not cause any irritation, the main issue is that baby wipes are designed to remove organic material from the skin, but are not designed to keep pores clear or break down waxes or oils so they aren’t likely to remove all traces of makeup or oil buildup. This is especially true for those who want to remove waterproof or long-lasting makeup.. The advantage of buying facial wipes instead of creams and lotions is that they are generally more cost-effective, travel-friendly, and unlike traditional cleansers, do not require you to lather and rinse your skin, making them convenient and easy for those who don’t have much time to put into their skin care routine. 


Household Cleaning Wipes

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to hire help at home, but either way, we all do the best we can to stay on top of things at home while juggling our busy lives. So what’s easier than buying wet wipes to help us do all the work, and then throwing them away once we’re done instead of adding dirty rags to the ever-growing piles of laundry, it’s a dream, right? The bottom line is, if we are able to make our lives a little simpler in such a complex world, why shouldn’t we?

Many hospitals and households are now opting to use cleaning wipes instead of the older spray and rag method because of their easy-to-use, time-saving convenience, and fast ability to kill organisms. Also, since cleaning wipes are only designed for single-use, they are considered a more hygienic option since they can reduce the risk of cross contamination and spreading of germs through the over-use of dirty rags. 

Finally, using wipes is much safer on our electronic devices than spray liquids, which is a big consideration for the business cleaning industry. 


So what is the takeaway? 

There is no doubt that people prefer the convenience of wet wipes instead of sprays for just about any cleaning task these days. Since the year 2000, we have seen organic growth in the disinfection wipes market due to the many time-saving and safety benefits they offer. Now that we’re living in times where cleanliness and hygiene is more important than ever, It’s no wonder that the options and capabilities of the wipes we buy have become more advanced, and are now a valuable and irreplaceable part of our daily life. 

What’s more, many of the most reputable wet wipe manufacturers will ensure that their products are not only high-performing, but environmentally responsible. For example, at Albaad, a leading global wet wipes manufacturer, they examine the waste impact and the resulting implications on waste treatment with every new product developed. 

This is a critical process which drives their innovation for environmentally friendly wipes and hygiene solutions that contribute to an overall cleaner and safer environment for us to live in.


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wet wipe production

What to Consider When Customizing a Wet Wipe for Production

You have the dream wet wipe in mind. But how do you make your dream a reality? We’ll break it down for you.

When you’re considering a wet wipes manufacturer, you’ll need to think about how you want to customize your wet wipe. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to making your dream wet wipe really yours. The good news is that we make it simple for you, with four main points to keep in mind: 


  • Packaging:

    Something you’ll want to consider when you’re thinking about your wet wipe is how you’ll want to customize its packaging. If you want to create wet wipes for travel, you may want flat or single packs, whereas if your wipe is for the house or office you might consider a canister instead. Additionally, you want your packaging to look good and to match the vision you had in your head. As you know, this is important for drawing customers’ eyes and making sure they want your product above all others. These are the kinds of factors we take into consideration when we’re creating your product. Because we’re a vertical manufacturer, we have the ability to customize every step of the process according to your exact needs. 

  • Wipe Material:

    This is hugely important! This determines the type and quality of your wipe, and you’ll want to make sure that it suits your needs precisely. Together, we decide on fabric, ingredients, fragrances, and more. We have the very best of wipe materials, from biodegradable, flushable moist toilet tissue to household wipes and baby wipes. The good news is that we’ve been manufacturing wet wipes for over 25 years, which means that we’re the experts when it comes to matching the exact material to the product you want. We know exactly what it takes to make your dream wet wipe. 

  • Communication with your manufacturer:

    This is a big one. No matter how experienced and efficient your manufacturer is, if you’re not sure how well you can communicate with them, how can you know that your product will turn out exactly the way you dreamed? The good news is that we’re responsive to your every need, taking into account your specific vision and making sure that we help bring it to fruition. Our client relationships are based on trust, which is the most important factor when it comes to creating the item you really need. We work closely with you to make sure your wet wipes serve the exact function they’re meant to while looking great at the same time.  

  • Global/Local Distribution:

    Once you’re done creating your wet wipes, you’ll want to make sure that you’re targeting your exact audience. Your customer base may be located across the world or may be local to you. We have experience customizing your wet wipes and their distribution based on where in the world you want to distribute your product. Reaching your audience can’t happen if you don’t have a quick, efficient, and widespread way to do so. This is another area where we can lift the burden from your shoulders. We deliver large orders to global audiences quickly while also making sure that your wet wipes meet the regulatory requirements for the countries you’ll be distributing your products to. We have great manufacturing capabilities, serving leading global brands and retail chains. But we can also deliver to your local market. It’s up to you. 


There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to customizing your wet wipes, but the good news is that we’re there every step of the way. We’ll make sure that your packaging is serviceable while also looking good, that your wipe material serves the exact function you’re looking for, that communication with us is seamless and pleasant, and that your products are distributed to the audience you want. Customizing with us is easy. All you have to do is contact us! 


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wet wipes 2

Our Guide to Finding the Right Wet Wipes Supplier

There are so many factors to consider when you’re looking for the right supplier. We’ll keep it simple for you.

You want to manufacture wet wipes and aren’t sure where to start? Don’t know what qualities are most important to consider when looking for the perfect supplier? We’ve got you covered with our simple and comprehensive guide to finding the right wet wipes supplier.

Expertise in Wet Wipes

One of the most important factors when choosing the best wet wipes supplier is ensuring that your manufacturer has expertise in your product type. You don’t want to take a chance on a supplier that is manufacturing your product for the very first time; you instead need to ensure that your manufacturer knows exactly what to do. This is a process that takes years to master and perfect, so you’ll need a manufacturer that reflects this reality and has years of experience in wet wipes. 

We at Albaad are the leading wet wipes supplier, with over 25 years of experience. When we say that expertise in your product type is critical, we really mean it. 

Production Capabilities (Quality and Customization)

The next question you’ll need to ask yourself is whether your potential wet wipes supplier upholds the highest standards. In order to ensure this, you need to do a quality test. To get the very best product to suit your specific needs, you’ll need to find a manufacturer with great production capabilities, producing products that truly exceed your expectations. 

We use the most advanced technology when it comes to both product development and production. We are also committed to innovation, continually developing new, groundbreaking products. Seeing as we are amongst the three largest wet wipes suppliers and manufacturers in the world, there is a team of qualified experts all working to ensure your wet wipes are the highest quality. 

We also place a great emphasis on customization. After all, you don’t want the same wet wipes that everyone else is selling. You have a unique and specific vision, and you need to find the perfect manufacturer who will carry out that vision. This is where we come in. We have extensive manufacturing capabilities, which means that we can customize any product according to your precise requirements. From flushable wipes certified as fully flushable according to leading global standards in the industry to household wipes that mix hygiene with comfort, we offer a wide range of customizable wipes. 

Global reach

You’ll also want to consider your target market. Where do you want your products to be distributed? This is critical information for a number of reasons and will make a huge difference when you’re deciding on your wet wipes supplier. This doesn’t just impact how quickly your products will be delivered; it also may have an impact on the regulations your manufacturer upholds. If your supplier doesn’t ensure that the wet wipes they provide meets the regulations of your distributing country, you can get into huge trouble. 

The good news is that we’re prepared for that. We have global manufacturing sites, which means that we can deliver products to local markets fast. We also make sure to maintain local regulations and standards, as well as upholding international standards. 

Ease of communication

It’s essential to maintain seamless communication when you’re manufacturing a new product, be it wet wipes or anything else. Communication with us is smooth and efficient, filling you in on all necessary information and keeping you informed throughout the process. You can contact us here and our team of professionals will get back to you shortly. You can also call +972-08-860-7222.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when you’re deciding on the perfect wet wipes supplier. We hope that this guide to finding the right wet wipes supplier was a step in the right direction, though! Now that you’re armed with more knowledge about what you should look for, you can proceed with confidence, knowing you’ve considered many possible angles and are making the right decision based on the information you’ve acquired. We at Albaad excel in all areas of manufacturing, from expertise in the field, to production capabilities, to global reach and ease of communication. And on top of all that, we’ll make sure that the process is smooth and seamless. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. 


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biodegradable wet wipes

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Wet wipes manufacturing is advancing and improving all the time – not only to be able to provide a better quality product for suppliers and consumers but also to move in line with the times.

In recent years the long term sustainability of wet wipes has been called into question. But this is something leading wet wipe manufacturers have not shied away from answering or discussing. In fact, the discussion and the debate has spurred many of them to produce biodegradable wet wipes, some of which are also fully-flushable. 

Wet wipes manufacturers are, for the most part, committed to finding ways, methods and developing new technologies to ensure that their products not only continue to protect the health of those who use them, but also are developed in-line with a commitment to a more sustainable future for everyone. 

This includes, not only the development and production of new products, such as biodegradable wipes, but also involves a commitment to the entire product life cycle of their wet wipes. This means ingraining a commitment to sustainability in the entire production process, from the design to the product’s eventual end of life. 

It also means investing in R&D facilities which are continually developing new technologies and wet wipes manufacturing processes. 

biodegradable wet wipes

Image credit @veeterzy

What is a biodegradable wet wipe?

A biodegradable wet wipe is one that will break down naturally once thrown away. This means it does not last for decades and it may not pose a pollution risk either in the short or long term. 

Albaad’s Hydrofine® technology is used in the manufacturing of its biodegradable flushable wet wipes. Its commitment to sustainability begins with the production of the raw materials used to make it – as it is produced without petro-sourcing fibers. As a fully-flushable product it is also CTP approved. 

Hydrofine® is Albaad’s latest innovation: a 100% dispersible moist toilet fabric, customized by its unique non-woven grade, appearance and quality. Albaad is currently the sole manufacturer offering a complete Moist Toilet Paper solution, including the fabric, liquid and packaging. 

What Makes Hydrofine® so unique as a biodegradable wet wipe material?

It is 100% Biodegradable (and thus is what it claims to be)

It displays superb dispersibility performance – compliance with INDA/EDANA flushability guidelines and other international standards, including Fine to Flush 

It is proven better than benchmark products – improved wet-strength, dispensing and usage, choosing a biodegradable wet wipe doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on durability or quality

It has a unique fabric appearance – 3D embossed customised patterns for ultimate comfort and durability

It is available in different formats: single packs, soft packs, vertical or horizontal tabs making it adaptable to consumers needs and uses, as any wet wipe can be customized and manufactured to specific specifications

Looking to learn more about biodegradable wet wipes manufacturing? Be in touch with us today.


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household cleaning wipes

Household Cleaning Wipes and Why They are the Best for Household Cleaning 

There are currently a variety of household cleaning wipes that are perfect for cleaning and destroying powerful germs. Currently antibacterial wipes are the leading product when it comes to household cleaning supply purchases. They are the easiest product in terms of usage, disposability, and spotlessness. Over the past 18 months it has become crucial that the cleaning products used inside family homes are able to not only keep the house clean, but eradicate germs too. 

Household cleaning wipes work by physically removing the germs off the surface. The germs are then attached to the wipe making it fairly easy and quick to get them off of your services. The active chemical generally found in wipes is antiseptic which is usually benzalkonium chloride, a chemical that is approved to kill germs. These wipes are more effective and easier than towels and sprays because they are one-step, easy designs. 

Cleaning with other products does not offer the same protection and safety as household wipes do. For example, using a contaminated towel can actually spread bacteria and germs to an uncontaminated surface. Wipes help get rid of this issue by being able to eliminate germs off surfaces with only a limited number of strokes.

Household cleaning wipes manufacturers have also wipes tailored to many families’ needs. This includes the change in certain components so that the wipe is allergen free and environmentally viable. And if you follow the distinctive instructions on their packaging, it is for certain that the wipes are safe to use.  With proper use household cleaning wipes can properly eliminate the germs off your counters and services. 

Household cleaning wipes are found in almost every home in the world. They are designed to target bacteria and viruses on harsh surfaces such as counters, TV, phones, hinges and more. They are not as effective on soft products which include clothing or certain fabrics. 

Many wipes do in fact kill the coronavirus, but it is important to thoroughly check if the ones you are using can. There are hundreds of EPA-registered wipes that can kill COVID-19 and which are incredibly important and powerful in protecting you and your family.

The most popular types are disinfecting wipes and antibacterial wipes. The difference between the two is that antibacterial wipes kill bacteria not viruses. It is important to note that a variety of disinfectant wipes are pre-soaked in disinfectant ingredients such as quaternary ammonium, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and others. These wipes have been tested as more effective than all use all-purpose cleaning wipes as well as antibacterial wipes. These are a reliable source in protecting your family from certain viruses including COVID-19. 

Household cleaning wipes are a true staple for not only homes, but all venue types and settings. Several tests have been conducted to show that certain ones have helped kill the SARS-CoV-2.

To learn more about how Albaad, as leading wet wipes manufacturers can customize any wipe to meet your needs, contact us today.


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are wet wipes safe for dogs

Are Wet Wipes Safe For Dogs?

Generally, yes! Wet wipes can be safe for dogs, cats, and cows and all other types of pets and domesticated animals. You just need to make sure you are using the right ones. Just as there are wipes specially developed and manufactured for babies, so too there are wipes designed and produced for animal care. From birds to horses, and every other domestic animal in between, wet wipes can be a convenient and safe solution for pet owners, veterinarians and anyone involved in the care of animals.

When it comes to choosing a safe and effective wet wipe for animal care it is important to choose one which has been designed and customized for animals. This is priority number one. There are many types of wet wipes available for a myriad of different uses and it is not recommended to use general wet wipes on your pets. Dogs, for example, have a different skin Ph balance than animals, and customized dog wipes would reflect this. 

Leading veterinary wet wipes manufacturers and pet wipes manufacturers will understand what it takes to produce a high-quality, safe animal care product. 

What are some of the specific types of wet wipes for animals?

Animal cleaning wipes

No-rinse shampoo wipes are great to keep your pet or veterinary clinic animals clean without the need for the mess and stress of an actual bath. Just wipe and clean. Shampoo wipes are usually produced in a larger size, for animals of all sizes and for the most effective cleaning. They can also be customized to ensure great smelling fur. 

Bath wipes for dogs can also be useful for those with allergies to pet fur or dander and when produced correctly are a type of wet wipes considered safe for dogs, even when used regularly. Pet no-rinse shampoo wipes can be used to clean a dog regularly and in the process remove outdoor allergens that may have become stuck to their fur. 

Wipes for paw and fur cleaning are great for keeping both pets and homes clean. The best ones are those developed with moisturizing ingredients that condition your pet and animals fur as they clean. Paw cleaning wipes also mean keeping your home or clinic clean regardless of what your dog, for example, walked in before coming inside. These wipes make for good hygiene for everyone. Some wipes for pets are designed with insect repellent ingredients which can be useful if you have a dog or other pet who is outside a lot. 

Some wipes are designed and produced especially for farm animals. One specific example is wet wipes designed for dairy cows in order to ensure clean and try teat care to prevent mastitis in milking cows. 

Wet wipes for animal care are convenient, time saving and easy to use solutions. Just make sure you choose the right manufacturer who understands what it means to fully customize and personalize pet wipes manufacturing based on your customers needs. 




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wet wipes manufacturers

Why Wet Wipes?

Why wet wipes? There are many reasons why wet wipes are now an essential consumer product and a regular feature in many people’s daily lives, and an integral part of what is in their bags. They are available across a variety of retail locations, and are used for a variety of different purposes and uses. 

We take a look at the reasons for why wet wipes, and in the process understand better why they have become so integral to the lives of millions. 

Convenient and easy to use

Wipes are convenient. They can be carried anywhere, used anywhere and by anyone. They can be carried in bags, even pockets, and are perfect for when other cleaning facilities or solutions are not available. They are not messy, they are light, and they are effective. This is what makes them popular not only with parents, but with almost anyone. They save time, as they can be used and then disposed of quickly. This is why they are not as popular inside the home as they are outside of it. Wet wipes are effective, and high performers when it comes to meeting consumers’ needs. 


Depending on their ingredients they are safe to be used by almost anyone, from babies to seniors and everyone in between. Their advantage is that they can be customized according to their ingredients and fragrance. They can be designed and manufactured for sensitive skin, or with more natural ingredients for a truly safe and comfortable experience. 


Wipes can be customized for any need, purpose or user. They can be customized according to their size, weight, shape and material used to make them. This means they can be big or small, thick or thin and thus made suitable for any cleaning and hygiene purpose. Importantly they can also be customized in terms of their packaging – from smaller packets designed for those on the go, or large packaging for wipes in bulk for institutions. 

Environmentally conscious

The future of wet wipes is one in which they are designed and manufactured with environmental sustainability, not just in mind, but leading the techniques and technology for their manufacturing. What does this mean? It means wet wipes that are biodegradable, flushable and which help maintain a sustainable lifestyle, rather than the opposite. Flushable wipes are designed to be sustainable. 

There are many reasons for why wet wipes. Their convenience, quality and variety of uses are what make them so popular in the lives of millions. And the role of leading wet wipes manufacturers in ensuring their new products are manufactured with the environment in mind, is even more of a reason for why wet wipes. 

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The Different Types of Wet Wipes

Since the invention of the first wet wipes in the 1960’s, wet wipes have come a long way in terms of how they are manufactured and what they are used for. There are now a multitude of different types of wipes from several leading wet wipes manufacturers

We take a look at some of the main types of wet wipes available today 

Flushable wipes

The flushable wipes industry is perhaps the fastest growing sector in terms of the different types of wet wipes. Flushable wet wipes are biodegradable and the most convenient for consumers in terms of disposability. They also represent a new shift in wet wipe production, and one which prioritizes sustainability first and foremost. 

There are a number of international regulatory standards wipes must meet in order to be fully flushable, and leading flushable wipes manufacturers ensure their products are aligned with and compliant with these standards. Generally flushable wipes must be biodegradable and proven to not block toilet pipes and waste water treatment plants and systems. 

Hand wipes

Used primarily for cleaning hands and hand hygiene, this type of wipes have been very popular in recent years. They are especially popular due to their convenience – most now come in sachet or small packaging forms and can be carried anywhere. They are the perfect solution for situations where hand and soap washing facilities are not available or not guaranteed to be available. 

They are also important during times when people on a global scale are forced to address their standards of hygiene and hand hygiene especially. Better hand hygiene is proven to reduce the risk of disease and virus transmission and hand wipes have a significant role to play in this. 

Leading hand wipes manufacturers understand the need for hand wipes that first and foremost perform in terms of effective hand hygiene. This means wipes that can effectively clean and disinfect and which have been proven to kill bacteria and viruses when used properly. 

Hand wipes are now easily one of the most commonly used types of wet wipes. They can be used in any environment, from schools to hospitals, to homes and restaurants. They can be used safely by toddlers and children (depending on their ingredients) and play an important role in improving hand hygiene across the world. 

Baby and toddler wipes

Baby and toddler wipes can be used for a variety of different purposes when it comes to the care of young children. Whether it’s for cleaning dirty hands and faces, or cleaning up inevitable spillages, or as an emergency solution when there is no toilet paper available, wet wipes have fast become an essential part of every parent’s bag. The types of baby and toddler wipes now available also reflect the growing needs and concerns of parents today – from wipes for sensitive skin, to flushable, biodegradable wipes, to wipes in smaller packages for trips out of the home. 

Wet wipes for babies and toddlers have done a lot to help parents save time when it comes to cleaning and hygiene for their little ones. But also parents are more conscious than ever before of the importance of wipes designed especially for the sensitive skin of their little ones, with greater demand for wipes using natural ingredients. 

baby wipes manufacturer

Household cleaning wipes

There is almost no limit to the types of wipes available for household cleaning. These can include wipes to clean floors, wipes to clean bathrooms, wipes to clean ovens….the list is endless. 

Household cleaning wipes are designed to effectively clean household surfaces and items. They represent a huge time saving for those cleaning their homes. Floor wipes, for example, require much less effort when it comes to cleaning floors than using a traditional mop and bucket. 

Household cleaning wipes can now be customized with different ingredients and fragrances, according to their designated use. Furniture cleaning wipes, for example, can be infused with a mild lotion to make cleaning furniture easy. They can also be manufactured according to an anti-static formula designed especially to reduce dust and provide at the same time a fresh and pleasant scent. 

Other types of wet wipes now available include professional wipes (for automotive and transport cleaning), para-medical wipes and veterinary and animal care wipes. 

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