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Restaurant Wet Wipes

Restaurant Wet Wipes that Guarantee Safe Hygiene

Learn how our restaurant wet wipes are guaranteed to kill the most common bacteria and viruses in restaurants.

As wet wipe manufacturers, we understand the importance of keeping surfaces clean and germ- free, especially in places where food preparation and eating is involved. Whether stopping for a quick bite with your family, or treating yourself to a romantic night out, customers assume that their venue of choice is up to par with hygiene standards. At Albaad, we understand the importance of restaurant sanitation and its impact on public health. 

A restaurant table can contain up to 185,000 bacteria per square inch; a fact most people prefer not to think about. Our restaurant wet wipes are a dependable solution to thoroughly and quickly destroy these harmful germs. Pre-moistened with the strongest of cleaning agents,  wet wipes are an effective way of eliminating these bacteria and viruses on contact. 

Restaurant wet wipes are the most time efficient way to clean surfaces with as much traffic as a public eating facility. This is a major advantage in a busy restaurant.  Waiting for a server to come and spray a table, dry it with paper towels, and continue to air dry can be taxing on both customers and waiters. With wet wipes, surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in seconds, saving precious time for all involved. 

Not all wet wipes are equally effective. It is important to choose high- quality, specialized disinfectant wipes. Our wipes are guaranteed to kill the most common types of bacteria and viruses found in restaurants.

As contract wet wipes manufacturers, our wipes are fully customizable to size, shape, weight, fabric, ingredients, and even fragrance. A variety of options such as large buckets, dispensers, and sachets ensure maximum convenience for the customer. 

With over 35 years experience as restaurant wet wipe manufacturers, we are confident in our ability to assure customer safety and satisfaction. 


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Sustainable Wet Wipes Manufacturing

Albaad: Leading the Way in Sustainable Wet Wipes Manufacturing

At Albaad, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable, green company that cares deeply for our customers and the environment. We can attest to our commitment to eco-friendly practices and our dedication to providing the best nonwoven solutions while minimizing our impact on the planet.

Our production line is a prime example of our commitment to sustainability. We, as a leading wet wipes manufacturer, currently produce plastic-free, renewable wood-based, biodegradable nonwovens that are good for you and the environment. We are always conscious of our environmental footprint, and you can trust us to provide nonwovens that are both high-quality and sustainable.

We take our commitment to the environment seriously and strive to operate our facility with minimal impact on the planet. For example, our Hydrofine line recycles an astounding 99.5% of the process water, which is a testament to our dedication to the environment.

We also use state-of-the-art technology for heat recovery that uses the emitted hot air to heat the cold incoming fresh air, dramatically reducing our gas consumption. 

And we have a 300KW solar panel system on our roof that harnesses the power of the sun, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint and operate with renewable energy sources.

100% of the nonwovens produced in Dimona are made of fibers and pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests. We are proud to say that we are doing all we can to ensure that our products are not only high-quality but also environmentally responsible.

But that’s not all. We are planning to take Albaad to the next level! Our current production line produces flushable nonwovens that meet the strictest flushability standards. Making us one of the top flushable wipes manufacturers. Our new production line will produce plastic-free nonwovens for various applications, including baby, personal care, and household cleaning wipes.

With this new Hybrid line, we will be integrating the benefits of the best carding machine with a state-of-the-art inclining wire former, producing low weight and various fiber compositions. This means we will be producing nonwovens at a standard that others will not be able to reach.

We are excited about this new production line and have invested €50 million in this process to ensure that we offer our customers a competitive edge through the use of cheaper fiber combinations and lighter fabric, all without compromising on other essential properties such as fabric strength.

At Albaad, we are always looking for partners who share our vision of sustainability and environmental responsibility. We make every part of the product as contract wet wipes manufacturers. Therefore, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. We believe that our commitment to eco-friendly practices and our dedication to providing the best nonwoven solutions make us an excellent partner for companies who want to prioritize sustainability in their products.

In conclusion, we are proud to be a sustainable, green company that cares for the environment. We strive to produce high-quality nonwovens that are good for you and the planet, and we look forward to bringing you superior products that exceed your expectations.


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spring cleaning with household cleaning wipes

Spring Cleaning Made Easy: The Power of Household Cleaning Wipes

Spring cleaning is a beloved tradition that has been passed down for generations. It’s that time of year when we roll up our sleeves and get ready to give our homes a deep clean.

While it may seem like a daunting task, a good spring clean can be incredibly beneficial for both our physical and mental health. As household cleaning wipes manufacturers we know better than anyone the benefits of spring cleaning and how household cleaning wipes can make the process a breeze.

First and foremost, a thorough spring clean can help eliminate allergens and improve indoor air quality. Dust, pet dander, and other airborne particles can accumulate in our homes over time, leading to respiratory issues and other health problems. By cleaning and decluttering our living spaces, we can reduce the number of allergens in our environment, making it easier to breathe and improving our overall health.

Another benefit of spring cleaning is the positive impact it can have on our mental wellbeing. A clean and organized home can reduce stress and anxiety, and make us feel more productive and in control. Plus, the act of cleaning itself can be therapeutic and help us clear our minds.

Now, let’s talk about how household cleaning wipes can help make spring cleaning even easier. Our wet wipes are designed to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces, making them a great tool for tackling tough messes. Reputable wet wipes manufacturers, like us, make wipes that are convenient yet safe for the environment. Here are some of the benefits of using household cleaning wipes:

  1. Convenience:
    With cleaning wipes, you don’t need to lug around a bucket of water and cleaning supplies. Simply grab a wipe and start cleaning!
  2. Efficiency:
    Cleaning wipes are designed to be effective at removing dirt, grime, and germs with minimal effort. They’re a great way to save time and get the job done quickly.
  3. Versatility:
    Household cleaning wipes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from countertops and sinks to floors and appliances. They’re a versatile tool that can help you tackle almost any cleaning task.
  4. Hygiene:
    Our cleaning wipes are formulated to kill germs and bacteria, helping to keep your home clean and healthy. They’re a great way to keep high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and light switches free from harmful pathogens.

We at Albaad are contract wet wipes manufacturers, meaning we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create the perfect household cleaning wipes. 

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By taking the time to give your home a thorough clean, you can improve your health and wellbeing, and household cleaning wipes can make the process even easier. So grab a pack of wipes and get ready to tackle those tough messes – your home (and your health) will thank you for it!


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standards for animal care

Why Veterinary Cow Wipes are Essential

Cows are valuable assets to farmers and ranchers, and their health and well-being are crucial to the success of any dairy or beef operation. 

As wet wipes manufacturers, we know all about how to specifically design veterinary wipes to clean and protect cows. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to keep your cows healthy and happy, consider using wet wipes. Here are some reasons why veterinary cow wipes are essential: 

Improved Skin Health and Coat Condition

Cows are susceptible to a range of skin conditions, including dermatitis, infections, and insect bites. Veterinary cow wipes are formulated with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help to prevent and treat these conditions. The skin and coat of a cow are vital to its overall health and well-being. Veterinary cow wipes contain moisturizing ingredients that help to nourish the skin and improve the condition of their coat. This not only helps keep your cows looking their best, but it also promotes good health by reducing the risk of skin infections and other health problems.

Ease of Use 

Veterinary cow wipes are easy to use and require no rinsing or drying. They can be applied quickly and easily, making them a convenient tool for farmers who are busy with other tasks. They can be used as a standalone treatment, or in combination with other veterinary products for optimal results.

Improved Milk Quality

A cow’s health and well-being directly impact the quality of its milk. By using dairy wipes to clean and protect your cows, you can help to improve the quality of their milk and ensure that it is safe and wholesome for consumers.


Veterinary cow wipes are a cost-effective way to keep your cows healthy and improve their overall well-being. They are often sold in bulk, making them an affordable option for dairy farmers who are looking to save money without sacrificing quality. 

Veterinary cow wipes are a valuable tool for farmers and ranchers who want to keep their cows healthy and improve the quality of their milk. If you need to manufacture your own, we at Albaad have all the tools to make that happen. With over 35 years of experience and global capabilities, we are equipped to make excellent dairy wipes tailored to your needs. Albaad are contract wet wipes manufacturers, meaning we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create the perfect dairy wipes.

Learn more about the uses of veterinary wipes in the dairy industry.


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Toddler wet wipes manufacturers

Why You Need Toddler Wet Wipes in Your Life

Toddler wet wipes are an essential item for parents with young children. Find out why you need toddler wet wipes in your life.

When you are dealing with a sudden messy crisis, you’re not always right next to a sink with soap and water. Sometimes you’re on the go, or sometimes the surface you are trying to clean is particularly stubborn. As parents of toddlers, you know all about how bad these messes can get. This is where toddler wipes come in. Not only are they versatile and convenient, but they provide numerous other benefits for both parents and children. Here are some reasons why you need toddler wet wipes: 


Wet wipes are a quick and easy way to clean up messy faces, hands, and bums. They can be used to clean up accidents on-the-go. Wet wipes are a great alternative to soap and water when a sink is not available. When it comes to potty training, as moist toilet tissue manufacturers we suggest using these essential items instead of wet wipes, as they are certified as a 100% flushable product by the leading industry standards in the world.


Toddler wipes are compact and easy to carry in a purse, diaper bag, or car. They are a lifesaver during long car rides or trips to the park, as they can be used to clean up spills, sticky hands, and dirty faces. Wet wipes are also perfect for quick clean-ups on the go, making them a must-have item for busy parents.

Gentle on Skin 

Toddler wet wipes are formulated to be gentle on delicate skin. They contain ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin and free from harsh chemicals, such as alcohol and fragrances. This makes them an excellent choice for parents who are concerned about the potential harmful effects of traditional wipes on their child’s skin.


Wet wipes can be used for much more than just cleaning up after a messy meal. They can be used to clean toys, high chairs, and other surfaces, as well as for refreshing little faces and hands during hot summer days. They can also be used to remove stubborn stains from clothes, making them a multi-purpose item that every parent needs in their toolkit.


Wet wipes are an affordable option for parents who are looking for a cost-effective solution for keeping their child clean and refreshed. They are often sold in bulk, making them a budget-friendly option for families on a tight budget.

As wet wipes manufacturers, we make sure that our toddler wipes are convenient, gentle on skin, versatile, and affordable, making them a must-have item. With a wide range of choices from hands and face wipes to ink and playdough removing wipes, you are sure to find the exact wipe you need. Albaad are contract wet wipes manufacturers, meaning we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create the perfect toddler wipes.


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what do you look for in wet wipes

The Convenience and Effectiveness of Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover wipes have been a convenient and popular way to remove makeup for decades. We know what goes into making this convenient and effective must-have product.

Makeup remover wipes have truly become a staple in many people’s skincare routine due to their convenience and effectiveness. Our pre-moistened wipes are designed specifically for removing makeup and offer a variety of benefits that make them a great option for companies looking to simplify the skincare routines of their clients.

Of course one of the biggest benefits of using makeup remover wipes is their convenience. They are portable and easy to use, making them perfect for on-the-go touch ups or for removing makeup at the end of the day. This eliminates the need for additional products or tools, such as cotton pads and makeup remover solutions. Our wipes are formulated with ingredients that are specifically designed to dissolve and remove makeup, including waterproof and long-wear makeup. This makes them a great option for people who want to remove all traces of makeup without having to scrub or rub their skin.

Another benefit of makeup remover wipes is that they can be infused with solutions that are actually good for your client’s skin. Our wipes are formulated with ingredients that are non-irritating and suitable for all skin types. This makes them a great option for people with sensitive skin who may experience irritation or redness from traditional makeup removers. Albaad also has the ability to produce wipes designed for different age groups, and with different skin needs in mind, be it oily, dry or a combination of the two.

We have extensive experience as facial care wet wipes manufacturers and in fully-customizable wet wipes manufacturing in general. We make every part of the product as part of our contract wet wipes manufacturing services. Therefore, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create your perfect makeup remover wipe. As nonwoven material manufacturers, we have expertise in their properties and select the exact fibers needed for each particular type of wipe. 

Overall, makeup remover wipes have proved themselves to be a popular and desired product. They are easy to use, gentle on the skin, and provide a quick and easy way to remove makeup without the need for additional products. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why makeup remover wipes are here to stay and why they are a great product to invest in for your clients.


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Sequel partners with Albaad

Albaad Partners with the Startup Sequel

Sequel has recently partnered with Albaad, the leading manufacturer of personal hygiene products, to bring you leakage-preventing tampons that are sure to revolutionise the period experience for women around the globe.

Who is Sequel

Founded by 2 product design engineers – Greta Meyer and Amanda Calabrese, Sequel’s mission is to raise the standard of women’s products with better design and superior technology. And they are starting their journey by putting the focus on a leakage-preventing tampon. Having both competed as high-level athletes, these women were essentially looking to produce a product that they would have liked to have available to them while competing in their respective sports. Being able to fully understand the mindset of performance athletes is exactly what gives Meyer and Calabrese their edge, they know that nothing is more off-putting before an important event than worrying about a bulky pad or leaky tampon, and it was with this understanding that they set out to revolutionise the tampon.
After a year spent researching and designing, the Sequel team can confidently say they have re-engineered the tampon for distraction-free periods.


What makes their tampon different?

Sequel’s patented spiral design is more fluid mechanically efficient, meaning it absorbs fluid more evenly and will not leak before it is full. Calabrese noticed that in regular tampons, the vertical channels were causing the menstrual fluid to be diverted away from the absorbing core. By extending the flow path through the spiral on the outside, they were able to solve this problem. With their tampon design, women no longer have to worry about embarrassing leaks and can go about their day with confidence, whether in the boardroom, the stadium or anywhere in-between.


A perfect match – Albaad and Sequel

With their innovative design and exciting vision for the future of feminine products, Sequel was in need of a production partner to bring their vision to market. As one of the largest manufacturers of feminine hygiene products and leading wet wipes manufacturers, we at Albaad are thrilled to be taking on that role. Through joining forces with startups, we expect to speed up the development of innovative products and strengthen Albaad’s international reach.
“We are so proud of all the research, design, development and technology that has gone into” creating the Sequel tampon,” said Greta Meyer, Sequel CEO. “We knew from the outset the only way to deliver a truly innovative product was to find a manufacturer able to help execute our vision. We are thrilled to have built this relationship with Albaad Fem, which is the next big step towards seeing Sequel tampons on store shelves.”

This partnership between Albaad and Sequel is an important step forward in providing women with more options when it comes to their feminine hygiene needs. With leakage-preventing tampons on the market, women can have peace of mind knowing that their day won’t be ruined by unexpected leakage. With Albaad’s commitment to high-quality products and Sequel’s cutting-edge design, women can trust that these tampons will provide long-lasting protection, and they can say goodbye to the days of leaks and mess.


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moist toilet tissue

Can Flushable Wipes Cause Irritation?

A concern some might express when looking into the wonders of moist toilet paper is: “can flushable wipes cause irritation?” Let’s get into it. 

When flushable wipes were introduced to the market, the response was overwhelmingly positive. It is the genius solution people had been searching for all their lives – a more comfortable cleaning experience with wipes that are designed to be flushed down the toilet. Pre-moistened and ready for heavy-duty cleaning, flushable wipes get the job done when toilet paper can’t. But as with all wet wipes, a question arose: can flushable wipes cause irritation? 

People often think that because wet wipes may be scented or have chemicals in them, that they might not be good for the skin. They then assume that toilet paper is the better solution for their needs. The truth is, though, that toilet paper can cause irritation. In fact, you may have already experienced this – that dry, uncomfortable chafing after you wipe (or worse). A urogynecologist at The Center for Specialized Women’s Health notes that toilet paper can cause all kinds of infections if you don’t use it properly. Excessive use of toilet paper can result in anal fissures and urinary tract infections. In general, if you are putting wet wipes vs toilet paper to the test, wet wipes win.

Flushable wipes do not uniquely cause irritation. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Here are some of the ways that flushable wipes help the skin:


Protecting skin health 

Flushable wipes improve skin health with antibacterial properties, cleaning and eliminating a large amount of germs. The moist cleansing formula helps remove more bacteria, dirt, and waste than dry toilet paper alone. Specifically, we provide moist toilet paper for menstruation (enhanced with extra absorption properties for body fluids) among many other products. This helps you improve and protect your skin.


Soft skin

Not only are these wipes based on a strong and elastic base-sheet, providing ease of handling, but it is also made with plant-based nonwoven fibers. These fibers give you a gentler cleaning experience and are softer on the skin. It leaves a fresh feeling after use, which isn’t true for toilet paper. Moist toilet paper for adults is even infused with a wide range of conditioning agents to make sure you’re not left feeling uncomfortable after cleaning yourself.


More thorough cleaning

When you think about it, you don’t clean anything else with dry materials. If you have dirty dishes, you use soap and water. Dirty clothes, soap and water. Dirty floor…you get the point. But for some reason, when it comes to cleaning ourselves, we use dry toilet paper. Why is that? Thoroughly cleaning your skin reduces the chances of skin irritation. We even offer moist toilet paper with a “bidet” effect, enhanced with extra cleansing properties, just to make sure you are really getting the clean you need.


Cleans everyone in the family

Kids are even more prone to rashes and other forms of skin irritation than adults are. In particular, rashes are very common in children and babies. Because of this, it is even more crucial to keep kids clean.This is why Albaad’s Hydrofine product range includes products for everyone in the family, from moist toilet paper for adults to moist toilet paper for kids (designed with fun, fruity fragrances).

For these reasons and many more, flushable wipes are a worthwhile investment. Contrary to common belief, flushable wipes are often the better choice for your skin than toilet paper. And as the first company worldwide to have successfully passed the IWSFG Flushability Standard test, you can truly flush our HydroFine wipes with confidence.


When you are choosing wet wipes manufacturers, make sure to go for those who make the best flushable wipes. Your clients will thank you.


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Floor Wipes cleaning the floor

Cleaning Floors the Easy Way with Floor Wipes

Cleaning floors is one of the most tedious and time-consuming chores. But with floor wipes, it can be a much easier and faster process. Our floor wipes are made of strong, non-woven material and come in a range of pleasant scents, making them ideal for cleaning floors with minimal effort. 

As household cleaning wipes manufacturers we know what goes into a good floor wipe. In the below blog, we’ll share some useful and interesting information about these essential wipes.

The many benefits of using floor wipes

Cleaning your floors can be an arduous task for many. It can take a lot of effort to mop, scrub, dry and otherwise clean them thoroughly. Fortunately, there is an easier way. Floor wipes are the perfect solution for quickly and effectively cleaning your floors.

As wet wipes manufacturers, we produce our floor wipes out of strong, non-woven material, allowing you to clean even the toughest of surfaces with minimal effort. They come in a range of pleasant and fresh scents, so you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant odors. The large size also means that you can cover a larger area in less time.

When it comes to tackling stubborn dirt and grime, floor wipes are up to the task. They are highly absorbent and can quickly lift away dirt and debris. Not only that, but they also contain antibacterial properties, so you can rest assured knowing that your floors are sanitized after use.

In addition to being incredibly effective at cleaning, floor wipes are also incredibly convenient. Plus, since they come in large sizes, you can cover more area with fewer wipes.

Using floor wipes is an excellent way to get your floors clean without having to put in too much effort. They are highly effective and very convenient, making them the perfect solution for busy households. 


How to use floor wipes effectively

Floor wipes are a great way to quickly and easily clean your floors without having to break out the mop and bucket. To get the best results, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your floor – Start by sweeping or vacuuming your floor to remove dust and dirt.
  2. Wipe the floor – Using your wet wipe, wipe the floor in circular motions. Make sure you cover the entire surface area, including tight corners and hard to reach areas.
  3. Leave the floor to air dry

These simple steps will help ensure that your floors are left sparkling clean and streak-free! With regular use, floor wipes can help extend the life of your floors and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning them.


The different types of floor wipes available

Albaad has been manufacturing these handy wipes, designed to make it easier and faster to clean floors, for many years. Our wipes are strong and durable, making them ideal for quickly cleaning up messes on the floor. They come in large sizes, making them great for cleaning large areas. Plus, they are available in a range of fresh and pleasant scents, so you can enjoy a pleasant scent as you clean. As contract wet wipes manufacturers we know that every client’s needs are different, and we are able to offer solutions that are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Whether you need to quickly clean up a mess or want to freshen up your floors, floor wipes are an easy and convenient way to do it. 

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Albaad wet wipes manufacturer looks into the new year

Albaad’s 2022 and New Year Plans

As the new year approaches we’ve taken this opportunity to look back on 2022 and celebrate all Albaad has achieved and all we plan to accomplish in the new year.

Can you believe the New Year is almost upon us? 

As we approach the coming year, we are looking back on all that has happened here at Albaad. From expanding production to our focus on sustainability, we are so proud of our progress and look forward to what’s to come. 

Let’s take a look at the biggest events at Albaad in 2022: 


Change of Leadership

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Jacob Heen as Albaad’s new CEO. An experienced business leader, we look forward to seeing Jacob lead Albaad to new heights.

On behalf of the Albaad family, we extend our sincere thanks to Dan Mesika, our CEO for the past 7 years. His invaluable service has helped Albaad achieve great things, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Expanding Production

We are excited about the progress of our latest warehouse, going up in Ochtrup, Germany. We’re proud to see how the building is taking shape, and we look forward to increasing our efficiency and creating new jobs.

At Albaad Iberia, we invested in a new CIP (clean-in-place) system that provides us with the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation for our production lines. Our fully automated system cleans the liquid pipe systems of our equipment, allowing for a consistent and efficient process while creating a safe environment for our employees. This is just one more step that we as wet wipes manufacturers have taken to improve the quality, versatility, and safety of our powerful control and operations system.


Events, Workshops, and Training

Here at Albaad, we are always looking for learning opportunities and chances to display our products to the world. Most recently, Albaad Germany attended an Agency Training Event intended for students to gain insight into apprenticeships on offer. Albaad was honoured to attend and answer the students’ many questions about our training. Additionally, Albaad Spain took part in the annual Master of Cosmetology and Dermatology class at the University of Barcelona. 

Throughout the year, we have taken part in many international events. Most recently, we displayed our leading products and innovations in sustainable wet wipes at the PLMA’s annual World of Private Label International Trade Show in Amsterdam. Our thanks to PLMA for this important international event. 


Focus on Sustainability

We have always prided ourselves on our continuing efforts to care for our planet.  We put our utmost focus on producing products that are eco-friendly. We are investing around €50 million in expanding and improving our production of a sustainable fabric. As flushable wipes manufacturers we’re proud of our Hydrofine product, which is made entirely from natural fibres, biodegradable, fully flushable, and plastic-free. As the first wet wipes manufacturer to pass the IWSFG flushability Standard Test, we know what goes into producing truly flushable wipes. This year, we celebrated 2 years since successfully passing the test!

We also added a Hydrofine wetlace hybrid line to our Dimona, Israel facility. The line will commence during the third quarter of 2023 and will produce a wide variety of pulp-based wet wipes, putting the focus once more on environmentally sustainable products.


Charity and Doing Good

We are constantly looking for opportunities to donate our wet wipes and other products to those in need. Most recently, we opened the doors of our warehouse and donated disinfecting wipes to organisations in need. As household cleaning wipes manufacturers, we’re aware of the very real need for antibacterial wipes within organisations. Being able to help these charities continue their vital work is an honour for Albaad. Throughout the year, we have also stood by important causes, the most notable being the dire situation in Ukraine. Albaad, in collaboration with NOSTA, donated pallets of wet wipes to Ukrainian refugees. 

The flooding in the Ahrtal region of Germany last year affected approximately 40,000 people, leaving many without clean water, electricity, or gas. Even now, months later, thousands of people’s homes are still uninhabitable, many having to be completely rebuilt. At Albaad, we decided to come to their aid with a second round of donations, including 5,400 packs of baby wipes for the families in the affected Ahr Valley.

We continued with our mission to deliver products of the highest quality while expanding and developing new facilities, products, and initiatives. We continued in our efforts to become more sustainable, with significant investments in more environmentally-friendly products. We also contributed to important causes and prioritized helping others. In this coming year, we hope to do even more for our Albaad family, friends, customers, and the world we live in.


Happy New Year!

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