The Different Types of Wet Wipes

Since the invention of the first wet wipes in the 1960’s, wet wipes have come a long way in terms of how they are manufactured and what they are used for. There are now a multitude of different types of wipes from several leading wet wipes manufacturers

We take a look at some of the main types of wet wipes available today 

Flushable wipes

The flushable wipes industry is perhaps the fastest growing sector in terms of the different types of wet wipes. Flushable wet wipes are biodegradable and the most convenient for consumers in terms of disposability. They also represent a new shift in wet wipe production, and one which prioritizes sustainability first and foremost. 

There are a number of international regulatory standards wipes must meet in order to be fully flushable, and leading flushable wipes manufacturers ensure their products are aligned with and compliant with these standards. Generally flushable wipes must be biodegradable and proven to not block toilet pipes and waste water treatment plants and systems. 

Hand wipes

Used primarily for cleaning hands and hand hygiene, this type of wipes have been very popular in recent years. They are especially popular due to their convenience – most now come in sachet or small packaging forms and can be carried anywhere. They are the perfect solution for situations where hand and soap washing facilities are not available or not guaranteed to be available. 

They are also important during times when people on a global scale are forced to address their standards of hygiene and hand hygiene especially. Better hand hygiene is proven to reduce the risk of disease and virus transmission and hand wipes have a significant role to play in this. 

Leading hand wipes manufacturers understand the need for hand wipes that first and foremost perform in terms of effective hand hygiene. This means wipes that can effectively clean and disinfect and which have been proven to kill bacteria and viruses when used properly. 

Hand wipes are now easily one of the most commonly used types of wet wipes. They can be used in any environment, from schools to hospitals, to homes and restaurants. They can be used safely by toddlers and children (depending on their ingredients) and play an important role in improving hand hygiene across the world. 

Baby and toddler wipes

Baby and toddler wipes can be used for a variety of different purposes when it comes to the care of young children. Whether it’s for cleaning dirty hands and faces, or cleaning up inevitable spillages, or as an emergency solution when there is no toilet paper available, wet wipes have fast become an essential part of every parent’s bag. The types of baby and toddler wipes now available also reflect the growing needs and concerns of parents today – from wipes for sensitive skin, to flushable, biodegradable wipes, to wipes in smaller packages for trips out of the home. 

Wet wipes for babies and toddlers have done a lot to help parents save time when it comes to cleaning and hygiene for their little ones. But also parents are more conscious than ever before of the importance of wipes designed especially for the sensitive skin of their little ones, with greater demand for wipes using natural ingredients. 

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Household cleaning wipes

There is almost no limit to the types of wipes available for household cleaning. These can include wipes to clean floors, wipes to clean bathrooms, wipes to clean ovens….the list is endless. 

Household cleaning wipes are designed to effectively clean household surfaces and items. They represent a huge time saving for those cleaning their homes. Floor wipes, for example, require much less effort when it comes to cleaning floors than using a traditional mop and bucket. 

Household cleaning wipes can now be customized with different ingredients and fragrances, according to their designated use. Furniture cleaning wipes, for example, can be infused with a mild lotion to make cleaning furniture easy. They can also be manufactured according to an anti-static formula designed especially to reduce dust and provide at the same time a fresh and pleasant scent. 

Other types of wet wipes now available include professional wipes (for automotive and transport cleaning), para-medical wipes and veterinary and animal care wipes.