Disposable Wipes And A More Sustainable Future

Albaad is putting its focus on environmentally sustainable products and a more sustainable future for all, focusing on disposable wipes.

As wet wipe manufacturers, we know that the decisions we make influence our environment for generations to come. The development of eco-friendly products has always been a high priority for us at Albaad. We know that customers want eco-friendly and disposable wipes, but they also need convenience in their life. At Albaad, we provide them with both.

We currently use greener materials to ensure that our wet wipes are good for the environment. But although our standards are high, we are constantly making great strides to focus on improvement and increase our standards when it comes to sustainability. We recently announced the addition of a Hydrofine wetlace hybrid line to our Dimona, Israel facility. The line will commence during the third quarter of 2023 and will produce a wide variety of pulp-based wet wipes, putting the focus once more on environmentally sustainable products.

Albaad, as flushable wipes manufacturers, use Hydrofine technology in the manufacturing of its biodegradable flushable wet wipes. Its commitment to sustainability begins with the production of the raw materials used to make it – as it is produced without petro-sourcing fibers. As a fully-flushable product it is also CTP approved and fully biodegradable

Hydrofine is also available in different formats: single packs, soft packs, vertical or horizontal tabs making it adaptable to consumers needs and uses, as any wet wipe can be customized and manufactured to specific specifications.

Another way Albaad is also focusing on sustainability is by producing every part of the product in-house – including the raw materials, therefore, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. We also have our own dedicated R&D team with proficiencies in each of the specific arenas needed to produce world-class wipes. By doing all this we’re putting the focus squarely on a more sustainable future.
Interested in learning more about our fully-customizable wet wipes or looking for a private label wet wipes manufacturer please be in touch with us, we look forward to assisting you.