ECOPROFIT® – Albaad’s Sustainability Team in Germany

We are proud to introduce Albaad’s sustainability team in Germany, giving us the tools to go green while reducing costs.

Companies are constantly faced with the challenge of acting sustainably while maintaining a high level of competitiveness in the market. The ECOPROFIT® project gives participating companies the tools they need to meet this challenge. Since the project was first implemented in Munich in 1998, there has been an increasing number of German municipalities taking it on for themselves. Here at Albaad, our sustainability team in Germany consists of Dr. Wolfgang Lemming, Marcus Wieling, Jörg Schumacher, and Christian Föllmann. Together, they have been actively working on corporate environmental protection. 

The word “Eco” in ECOPROFIT® stands not only for “Ecology” but also for “Economy”. This is because their motto is to protect the environment while reducing operating costs. Identifying areas in companies that have savings potential and optimizing them individually is all a part of this process. Even minor changes can bring noticeable and promising results in increasing a company’s resources. 

Our Sustainability Mission

Albaad has always had sustainability in mind. As a company whose main focus is wet wipes, we continuously seek new ways to protect health, the environment, and the people in our communities. Our in-house production of Hydrofine flushable wipes, made with natural fibers, allows us to ensure that our product is environmentally-friendly from the earliest stages of production. This sustainable fabric is biodegradable, plastic-free, fully flushable, and made entirely from natural fibers.  The most stringent institutes in the US and Europe rigorously tested and approved Hydrofine’s flushability properties. This attests to our directive to create, manufacture, and deliver sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

We also installed a solar farm above our Dimona, Israel facility as part of our ongoing mission to provide sustainable products. These solar panels reduce Albaad’s carbon footprint and provide cleaner, safer products for both our customers and our planet. A smaller change we made was to give our employees personalized reusable mugs. This focus on preserving our precious resources is crucial to building a better future for our planet. 

Funded by the NRW Environment Ministry Project, ECOPROFIT® supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in reducing the consumption of valuable resources, which in turn reduces operating costs. This creates more sustainable companies and ideally helps secure long-term jobs as well. 

As one of the first wet wipes manufacturers in the world to create a range of environmentally-friendly products, we are proud of the work Albaad’s sustainability team in Germany does to ensure continued progress in creating a better world for us all to live in. To learn more about the many ways Albaad works to create a sustainable world, read this message from our CEO.