Flushable Wipes

It is no secret that the majority of “flushable” wipes on the market are only flushable in the sense that they can be flushed down the toilet, but are not biodegradable by any means. 

The Perceived Problem 

Flushable wipes have an image problem. Wipes that are falsely advertised as flushable when they do the opposite, are causing an image problem for truly flushable wipes. The average person is now drifting away from using wet wipes to avoid causing any unnecessary environmental damage.

Wipes that do not pass international standards on what constitutes a flushable wipe are the ones blocking wastewater and sewage systems. They are also the wipes contributing to the infamous fatbergs that are the headache of municipalities and local governments everywhere.

Everyone loves a wet wipe, they’re handy and versatile and do a much better job at cleaning than a regular tissue. They are convenient when travelling and easy to carry. Their ability to clean just about anything has made them increasingly popular over the years. 

Fortunately, there are some truly flushable wipes on the market, you just have to know where to look. 

Why You Need Wet Wipes

If you’ve ever taken care of kids, you’ll understand the importance of wet wipes. It’s fair to say that the majority of mothers and caretakers alike rely heavily on wet wipes. Whether it’s to clean kids’ faces and hands, or to clean anything they touch, they’re a necessity. They also have more practical uses, they are great for taking off makeup while not bothering skin. If you’re in need of  a great replacement for toilet paper, wet wipes are a more hygienic alternative. 

The important thing to remember is that if you’re going to use wet wipes, make sure they aren’t damaging the environment or your plumbing.

Truly Flushable 

When it comes to wipes that are truly flushable there are some currently available that do exactly what they’re advertised to do. As leading flushable wipes manufacturers Albaad produces moist toilet tissue which is sustainable and ultimately environmentally friendly. 

Albaad is one of the three biggest wet wipe manufacturers in the world and thankfully they’re highly committed to being environmentally friendly. They currently have multiple research facilities spread over three continents in the hopes of improving their ecological footprint. They’re constantly innovating and have recently spent 180 million dollars to build a new plant that helps make their wet wipes recyclable and biodegradable.

flushable wipes

Tips For The Future

When it comes to choosing flushable wipes try to keep in mind these helpful tips

The first step is to make sure the brand of wipes you’re buying are truly flushable. Do your due diligence into the companies behind the wipes. Are they able to show compliance with international standards on flushable wipes? Do they have an environmental sustainability policy that covers all of their wipe manufacturing? The wipe companies should show that they are committed to innovation that will make all wet wipes more sustainable in the years ahead.  

Remember to always follow the wet wipes manufacturers guidelines on how to use and dispose of these types of wipes. This might mean flushing them one at a time or just throwing them in the bin. These guidelines should be visible on the packaging or the company website. Truly flushable wipes should have no issues passing through well-maintained toilet systems. To help make sure you don’t have any build-up, make sure your plumbing is clear and able to handle them.