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Albaad Global Manufacturing Capabilities and Customizable Wet Wipes Manufacturing Solutions

With 8 manufacturing plants, including 2 in the US, in Poland, and 1 in Germany we have established manufacturing networks on 3 continents around the world. This allows us to respond to local needs and orders, fast. Our global manufacturing plants are supported by our internationally located research and development offices.

As vertical wet wipes manufacturers we are able to make every part of the required product. All of our manufacturing processes and facilities meet international standards for safe manufacturing. We have vast experience in contract, private label and institutional manufacturing. Some of the world’s largest retailers and big-name brands rely on us for high-quality wet wipes manufacturing and solutions.

Our products are fully customizable to our customer’s complete and precise needs. This includes understanding and meeting their local needs and requirements, including strict adherence to manufacturing standards and regulations. Our first priority is high-quality, safe products. We can customize any wipe in terms of its size, shape, weight, fragrance, ingredient, material, and packaging. We are also able to work with our clients to help them understand how to improve an existing wipes product.

We currently have over 35 years experience of wet wipes development and manufacturing, and we are committed to pioneering new approaches to manufacturing and innovative products. We are proud of our role as flushable wipes manufacturers, and of our pioneering technology that has made them possible. Currently this means a commitment to environmental sustainability – and we are continually looking for ways to reduce our global footprint.