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Institutional Wet Wipes Manufacturing

wet-wipes-private-label-AlbaadAlbaad’s institutional wet wipes manufacturing solutions are specialist care solutions for hospitals, general care and elderly care facilities.

We are able to customize our products for any institutional need or facility.

We provide a wide range of off-the-shelf sanitary and adult care products and wipes that cater to the specific needs of hospitals and elderly care homes.

In addition we are able to customize our product line to meet any specific or precise requirements our customers might have.

From para-medical to high absorbency products Albaad covers the entire range of institutional wet wipes manufacturing for adult care, and is able to deliver large quantities, fast.

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with all international and local regulatory requirements in order to ensure and guarantee the highest quality and safety of its products.

Our adult care wipes are designed to offer convenience, comfort and hygienic solutions. We deliver high-quality, safe products for adult and senior care.

For over 35 years we have been global leaders in private label wet wipes manufacturing and contract wet wipes manufacturing.

Coupled with this extensive experience comes our commitment to innovation – we are continually upgrading and developing our products according to the latest research and technological advancements. This commitment has led to us becoming pioneering flushable wipes manufacturers. We also believe in the importance of manufacturing that commits to environmental sustainability, and this runs through our product lifecycle planning.