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Private label

wet-wipes-production-AlbaadAlbaad is one of the world’s largest producers of private label products for global brands and retail chains covering a wide range of wipes and sanitary products. We work closely with our customers to create the products that are perfectly matched with their local customer demand.

Our globally dispersed manufacturing and research facilities enable us to respond quickly to customer requirements and our production capabilities enable us to create and deliver products to the exact customer specifications, in large quantities and with timely delivery. We work behind the scenes to provide our customers with world class products of the highest quality and in accordance with all international and local regulatory requirements.

As a trusted partner we proactively seek to improve our customer’s product line, protect their brand and ensure their quality and business goals are supported on our end.

Drop us a note to find out how we can create a private label for you or how we can extend and improve your line of products.

Your brand is our responsibility and we invest the effort every day to earn your trust.