Why Hand Wipes are Better than Antibacterial Sanitizer

When hand washing is really not an option – when people are on the go, somewhere remote, or just somewhere with limited access to hand washing facilities – the question ultimately arises, what is the best way to hygienically clean our hands?

For many people the choice comes down to two main options. Antibacterial sanitizer vs hand wipes. But when it comes down to it, which is the best choice for hand cleaning and why?

There are of course comfort and convenience considerations when it comes to choosing between the two. But when it comes to the most important consideration, hygiene, which is the clear winner?


According to a study conducted and published by the Special Pathogens Laboratory (SPL), wipes are more effective in removing bacteria from hands. Why? Mainly because of the mechanical wiping action users deploy when using wipes to clean and disinfect their hands. This is an action that is possible only when using a hand wipe or cloth for cleaning. This action physically removes more bacterial spores than simply cleaning hands with sanitizer. 

Albaad’s Cleanitize cleaning and disinfecting wipes recently received EPA approval for its claims that they can kill the virus SARS-CoV-s (the cause of COVID-19) when used as directed on hard and non-porous surfaces. As leading hand wipes manufacturers Albaad are committed to developing new technologies and more effective ingredients for wet wipes which clean and disinfect better. 

hand wipes


When it comes to young children, hand sanitizers can be tricky. Apart from the fact that they can be messy and difficult to transport, with  spillage as a risk, there is also the possibility of young children getting sanitizer in their eyes. This issue does not exist with wet wipes for hands, which are a proven safe, effective, and easy hand cleaning method. This makes hand wipes safe for children to take to school and for parents to keep close for the times they need to ensure their children clean their hands. 

Convenience and ease of use

The common consensus seems to be that hand wipes are easier to carry, less messy and more convenient. They don’t leak, can be manufactured in packaging of different sizes and shapes, and are easy to carry in any type of bag or even pocket. They are the perfect solution to have on hand for those instances when hand washing with soap and water just isn’t possible. 

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, regular use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can lead to skin irritation and damage due to their drying effect. Hand wipes, particularly those with moisturizing properties, can help maintain skin hydration and integrity while effectively cleaning the hands, making them a preferable option for individuals with sensitive or dry skin.

In the antibacterial wipes vs hand sanitizer debate, and when it comes to hygiene, convenience and safety, hand wipes are the clear winners over antibacterial sanitizer.