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Every Albaad employee, regardless of their role or responsibility, is focused on delivering the innovation that drives company growth. Responding to the unmet needs of our customers, through innovation or acquisition of new technologies, is an important driver for our growth. As one of the largest global companies in our space, it ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation to maintain our market leading position, while supporting our expansion into new markets. Our latest role as a global, leading flushable wipes manufacturers, demonstrates and highlights our commitment to innovation.

Identifying unmet needs

Our journey to deliver innovation starts with the assessment of unmet market needs, which is identified through our market insight. Customers who approach us play a significant role through their deep understanding of the marketplace and work with us exclusively on new technologies. These valuable insights together with our in-depth market research ensure we capture and quantify all opportunities for innovation.

Three routes to innovation

Our best-in-class Research & Development facilities enable us to address the unmet needs of our markets through:

  •  Internal Innovation – In-house Research & Development teams that operate globally
  •  Open Innovation – Collaboration primarily with our customers
  •  External Innovation – Identifying and acquiring novel and class-leading innovation through our marketing team

Internal and external innovation teams are comprised of highly talented and experienced professionals in their field and work closely together to identity business opportunities. Our marketing teams are working ever closer with our customers to deliver valuable insights, and our global Research & Development teams translate these insights into commercially viable technologies and products.

Albaad also works closely with external technology and equipment providers to further push the envelope of innovation by integrating new technological capabilities that improve and optimize production processes.

Through continuous innovation over the years we created a large and diverse portfolio of proprietary products and technologies for advanced and customizable wet wipes manufacturing. This provides us with the unique advantage to customize our product families and formulas and to effectively address the performance requirements of our customers. It means that in addition to our generic product offering, which is sold globally by thousands of our customers, we can also efficiently develop exclusive variants for our customers. As such we cover the entire spectrum of product lines, from discount store products to luxury brands.

A vital part of our global expansion strategy is to move our Research & Development teams closer to our customers and their markets. Our growing network of regional R&D teams enables us to stay in close proximity with our customer base and to shorten and improve the product development cycle. Our objective is to establish R&D teams in all our active regions.

We recently expanded our Research & Development facilities in:

  • Germany
  • Israel

Our customers benefit from:

  • State of the art Innovation lab facilities
  • State-of-the-art technology portfolio
  • Ongoing research activities focused on surface disinfection, surface cleaning, skin antisepsis, hand hygiene, baby hygiene, personal care and more