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Albaad New Products

Albaad’s advanced research facilities are spread across three continents to provide direct access to local market and local customer needs. Our global network of research facilities are at the forefront of developing all of our innovative Albaad new products.

This facilitates a knowledge and information exchange between our global research centers, which in turn is the true driving force behind our breakthrough technologies, that in turn empower our leading innovation and new products. They enable us to be one of the largest global wet wipe manufacturers.

Albaad New Products – Hydrofine

Our latest innovation and one of our leading Albaad new products is HydrofineⓇ a moist flushable and eco-friendly toilet paper. We were the first company worldwide to successfully pass The IWSFG Flushability Standard Test. Our fully flushable wipes and moist toilet tissues are currently being used by some of the leading brands in the world.

Our role as a leading, advanced flushable wipes manufacturers, places as at the vanguard of new and innovative wet wipes manufacturing. This is a role we embrace with pride, and it is a role that is the result of 35 years of experience in the field of wet wipes manufacturing.

Our commitment to developing our catalog of Albaad new products means we are continually improving our ability to customize our products based on our clients specific needs. Whether it is for private label wet wipes manufacturing, contract manufacturing, or institutional manufacturing, we are able to provide leading retailers and brand-name stores and sellers with quality, safe and innovative new products.

Our products prioritize hygiene, cleaning, comfort, safety and convenience. We can also fully-customize packaging options for all of our wet wipes and products.

Stay tuned for Albaad new products coming soon. Looking to customize your own product? Contact us for more information about our manufacturing and new advanced, product solutions.

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