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Hydrofine® Flushable Moist Toilet Paper

Our Hydrofine technology for moist toilet paper simultaneously meets consumer hygiene requirements and environmental needs.
It is based on a strong and elastic base-sheet, which provides ease of handling during usage while resisting tears. The wipes are biodegradable and pass through wastewater conveyance and treatment systems without causing blockage.

Hydrofine technology complies with all related regulatory requirements, as well as with the most updated EDANA/INDA flushability guidelines, which is widely accepted as the leading international standard in today’s global market.

Hydrofine toilet paper has excellent sensorial properties – it feels smooth on your skin, cleanses efficiently and leaves a pleasant and fresh feeling.

Hydrofine is CTP approved

Hydrofine’s flushability properties have been rigorously tested and approved by the CTP institute.

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The Hydrofine base-sheet range includes:

  • FCS certified paper
  • Range of weights

The Hydrofine product range includes:

  • Moist toilet paper for adults – infused with a wide range of conditioning agents.
  • Moist toilet paper for kids – designed with fun, fruity fragrances.
  • Moist toilet paper for general feminine hygiene – especially designed for intimate areas.
  • Moist toilet paper for menstruation – enhanced with extra absorption properties for body fluids.
  • Moist toilet paper with a ‘Bidet’ effect – enhanced with extra cleansing properties.

The Hydrofine product options:

Hydrofine’s flushable technology can be applied to various product families and packaging options

  • Single pack options for use on the go.

Innovations in the Pipeline
We are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve our customers’ experience.
Albaad is currently developing an innovative package design that will keep the product moist and fresh after opening and enable easy dispensing.