International Day of Charity

To celebrate International Day of Charity we are opening the doors of our North Carolina warehouse and donating disinfecting wipes to organizations in need.

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The way the world thinks about hygiene has permanently changed – safety and sanitation have risen to the forefront of our daily lives. This means that disinfecting wipes have become a standard need for everyone, everywhere.

At Albaad, world leading wet wipes manufacturers, we understand that this new necessity has put a strain on the budgets of many non-profits and charities. Organizations that have the main purpose of helping mankind are now struggling to operate in this new world of constant cleansing and germ fighting.

And that is why on this International Day of Charity we are opening our doors and welcoming organizations into our North Carolina Warehouse to help themselves to these essential products. Our Cleanitize disinfecting hand wipes will help them to continue to do their essential work.

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