Keeping Toddlers Clean with Wet Wipes

Everyone knows it takes a toddler all of 10 seconds to make a mess anywhere in the house. Albaad offers various wet wipe solutions to keep toddlers clean and healthy during play time, meals, and potty training.

Often customers are looking for a clever and efficient way to stay on top of the mess created by toddlers and babies during their daily lives. Keeping toddlers clean is a top priority for many. Having these solutions for your customer is exactly where Albaad, as one of the world’s leading wet wipes manufacturers, excels.

Toddler Cleansing Wipes

Maintaining hygiene of little ones while they explore the world and become more independent is critical, and customers are able to do that with our toddler cleansing wipes. They are made with mild ingredients and a variety of fun and fruity scents. Having a product that appeals to toddlers and their caregivers alike is of utmost importance and these wipes do the job. 

Hands and Face Wipes

These wipes contain mild ingredients, perfect for a toddler’s sensitive skin, in order to protect the hygiene of their hands and faces. As a private label wet wipes manufacturer, Albaad is able to work with you to create the perfect toddler wipe for your specific customers. We can customize any product, from its size, shape, weight, ingredients, fragrance and packaging, meaning you can bring to market your perfect wet wipe. 

Ink and Playdough Removing Wipes

Give a toddler playdough and it won’t take them long to get it all over themselves. These wipes are designed to remove dirt and sticky films off little ones during playtime. These multi-use and multi-purpose wipes are perfect for toddlers who are intent on exploring their environment with all of their senses.

Potty Training Wipes

These wipes are large-sized and efficiently and elegantly absorb and clean up potty training ‘accidents’. Making potty training easier and much less messy.
Another must have during potty training is flushable wipes, as moist toilet tissue manufacturers, we’ve created a product that simultaneously meets consumer hygiene requirements and environmental needs. As a toddler learns to use the bathroom, these wipes are the perfect solution, as they feel smooth on your skin, cleanses efficiently, and leaves a pleasant and fresh feeling.