Our Diverse Product Range

As a leading company in the wet wipes distribution market, we design and manufacture wet wipes for a variety of different uses. A competitive market demands supreme quality, and our wet wipes offer the highest quality across a wide and diverse product range.

Our modern world values convenience and wet wipes manufacturers have become an important niche, providing essential products to meet the high demand of various businesses across the globe.  Gone are the days when wet wipes were only for baby bottoms. Today, wet wipes manufacturers cater to a vast array of industries, each with its unique set of demands. At Albaad, we offer a diverse product range, enhancing customers’ experience in home care, baby care, cosmetic routines, personal hygiene, and feminine care. 

Home Care 

In the busy world of housekeeping and cleaning, home care wet wipes have earned their place as a household staple. All-purpose cleaning products in home care offer ultimate convenience. Albaad manufactures both all-purpose wet wipes and wipes for specific household materials. This range of wipes is designed to tackle dirt, stains, and germs on various surfaces, each specially designed for its unique purpose. From kitchen countertops to bathroom fixtures, floors, furniture, and automotive wipes, Albaad manufactures home wet wipes to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and disinfection for the entire home. 


Among our products is moist toilet paper. This product uses hydrofine technology that is hygienic and biodegradable. This special product is one hundred percent plant-based, making it safe for the body and the environment. Our innovative manufacturers created a product that is based on a strong and elastic base sheet, which provides ease of handling during usage while resisting tears. The wipes are biodegradable and pass through wastewater conveyance and treatment systems without causing a blockage. We strongly believe that convenience should not take precedence over the environment. We pride ourselves on being flushable wipes manufacturers. Albaad was the first company worldwide to successfully pass the IWSFG Flushability Standard test, and we continue to be committed to these Flushability Standards as we continually work to improve our products. 

Feminine Care 

Understanding the unique needs of women’s personal care, Albaad also specializes in feminine care products that offer safety and convenience. These wipes are dermatologically tested and pH-balanced to maintain a woman’s natural intimate health. Crafted with environmentally friendly materials, these wipes offer the perfect combination of convenience and care, ensuring women feel confident and fresh all day long.

Baby Care 

Baby care wipes are one of the oldest and most competitive markets. When it comes to caring for the most sensitive and vulnerable members of the family, customer needs are specific and important. Albaad’s soft, hypoallergenic wipes are specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. They are ninety-nine percent purified water, free from harmful chemicals, and rich in moisturizing lotion. Businesses feel confident in this product, providing top-quality baby care wet wipes that their customers love. 


The cosmetic wet wipes at Albaad offer make-up removal solutions, anti-aging agents, and high-end skin care, providing exfoliation, hydration, and moisture-locking ingredients. These wipes effortlessly remove makeup, dirt, and impurities, leaving behind a clean canvas for a beauty routine. Sensitive on the skin, these wipes are manufactured to meet the specific needs of the customer. 

As a private label wet wipes manufacturer, Albaad customizes its wet wipes to ensure convenience and customer satisfaction throughout its diverse product range. Each product can be customized in size, packaging, scent, and ingredients to meet the ever-changing demands of the customers. Embracing versatility and sustainability, our company stands at the forefront of wet wipes manufacturing, offering a diverse product range that makes the world a fresher, cleaner, and more environmentally conscious place.