which wet wipes are best for babies

Which Wet Wipes are the Best for Babies?

When it comes to customizing wipes for babies there are a number of considerations to take into account. 


Baby wipes are a popular product – loved by parents and other users alike. In the US alone over 100 million wet wipes for babies are produced and used a year. It is estimated that in the first year of a baby’s life parents will use anywhere from 12,000 wet wipes upwards. At around 1,000 wet wipes a month, the demand is almost insatiable.


Baby wipes are used by parents for the cleaning of their infants skin. Usually during a diaper change, but they can also be used to clean any part of the body or baby. While they are a great solution for parents who are out and about with their baby, or travelling, they are also now a popular solution used at home as well. 


Parents need to trust the baby wipe they are using. This trust extends to their belief in the product as a safe and effective one. Baby wipes need to be manufactured taking into account the sensitivity of babies skin, compared to adults. Generally the demand is increasingly for fragrance free wipes, and the demand for quality ingredients is high. 


Parents also want a wet wipe for their baby that is effective. One that cleans, and is durable and strong. Given how often and how many times in a day parents of babies use wet wipes, they expect a quality product. 


One of the biggest selling points driving sales of baby wet wipes is convenience. Handy packaging (from larger to mini packs) means they can be carried anywhere – in the baby bag, in the car or in the nursery at home. Parents are able to always have something to hand to clean their baby when necessary. Their disposable nature is also a big plus in terms of their convenience. 


When it comes to manufacturing a baby wipe you need a wet wipe manufacturer who understands the needs of the wet wipes for babies market. You need a manufacturer with the proven expertise to produce customised wet wipes for some of the world’s leading brands. Someone they trust, and someone in turn that parents trust.


To learn more about our customizable, private label wet wipe manufacturing solutions for baby wet wipes, contact us.


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are toilet wipes flushable

Are Toilet Wet Wipes Flushable? – We Answer Your Questions

We answer questions about flushable wipes and moist toilet tissue, including “are toilet wet wipes flushable?” and their manufacturing, use, and standards.

We understand that there is some confusion, amongst wet wipes suppliers and consumers, as to the viability and usability of flushable wipes (moist toilet tissue). There is a lot of debate around the product, and as leading wet wipes manufacturers, committed to a more sustainable future, we think it is important to answer some of the most commonly raised questions around flushable wet wipes.



  • How do I know if a wet wipe is truly flushable?

A truly flushable wet wipe should have passed international flushability standards. These vary from place to place, and a truly flushable wet wipe would need to pass these standards in the country or region where it is being sold and used. 

These standards include –


The IWSFG Flushability Standard test

The most updated EDANA/INDA flushability guidelines – this is perhaps the leading, globally recognized standard when it comes to flushability

Fine to flush – this is a UK based standard set by the UK Water Industry


If a wipe is manufactured in line with these standards, then it is truly flushable. Albaad is one of the few leading wet wipes manufacturers in the world whose flushable wet wipes pass all of these standards and regulations.


  • Can flushable wet wipes be disposed of in any toilet?

Flushable wet wipes can be flushed or disposed of according to the manufacturer’s guidelines on the packet. These instructions should always be followed. In some cases, you may need to check the age and operational health of the plumbing and its ability to handle flushable wipes.


  • Are flushable wipes biodegradable?

   Some are, yes. Albaad’s Hydrofine® technology is used to manufacture moist toilet tissue that is 100% biodegradable.

  • Can flushable wet wipes be customized?

Always! Moist toilet tissue can be customized as any wet wipe can – this includes its fabric, ingredients, fragrance, and packaging. Albaad has over 25 years of experience in customizing wet wipes for its global clients, and it applies this expertise to its customization and manufacturing of flushable wet wipes also. 

  • What are the benefits of flushable wet wipes?

Moist toilet tissue, or flushable wet wipes, are convenient for many reasons. The main reason is that they provide a hygienic solution for times when toilet paper may not be available. Also, those that are biodegradable are a sustainable solution that takes into account the future environmental sustainability of wet wipes. 



Got more questions about flushable wet wipes manufacturing, use, and standards? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them.


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biodegradable wet wipes

Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Wet wipes manufacturing is advancing and improving all the time – not only to be able to provide a better quality product for suppliers and consumers but also to move in line with the times.

In recent years the long term sustainability of wet wipes has been called into question. But this is something leading wet wipe manufacturers have not shied away from answering or discussing. In fact, the discussion and the debate has spurred many of them to produce biodegradable wet wipes, some of which are also fully-flushable. 

Wet wipes manufacturers are, for the most part, committed to finding ways, methods and developing new technologies to ensure that their products not only continue to protect the health of those who use them, but also are developed in-line with a commitment to a more sustainable future for everyone. 

This includes, not only the development and production of new products, such as biodegradable wipes, but also involves a commitment to the entire product life cycle of their wet wipes. This means ingraining a commitment to sustainability in the entire production process, from the design to the product’s eventual end of life. 

It also means investing in R&D facilities which are continually developing new technologies and wet wipes manufacturing processes. 

biodegradable wet wipes

Image credit @veeterzy

What is a biodegradable wet wipe?

A biodegradable wet wipe is one that will break down naturally once thrown away. This means it does not last for decades and it may not pose a pollution risk either in the short or long term. 

Albaad’s Hydrofine® technology is used in the manufacturing of its biodegradable flushable wet wipes. Its commitment to sustainability begins with the production of the raw materials used to make it – as it is produced without petro-sourcing fibers. As a fully-flushable product it is also CTP approved. 

Hydrofine® is Albaad’s latest innovation: a 100% dispersible moist toilet fabric, customized by its unique non-woven grade, appearance and quality. Albaad is currently the sole manufacturer offering a complete Moist Toilet Paper solution, including the fabric, liquid and packaging. 

What Makes Hydrofine® so unique as a biodegradable wet wipe material?

It is 100% Biodegradable (and thus is what it claims to be)

It displays superb dispersibility performance – compliance with INDA/EDANA flushability guidelines and other international standards, including Fine to Flush 

It is proven better than benchmark products – improved wet-strength, dispensing and usage, choosing a biodegradable wet wipe doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on durability or quality

It has a unique fabric appearance – 3D embossed customised patterns for ultimate comfort and durability

It is available in different formats: single packs, soft packs, vertical or horizontal tabs making it adaptable to consumers needs and uses, as any wet wipe can be customized and manufactured to specific specifications

Looking to learn more about biodegradable wet wipes manufacturing? Be in touch with us today.


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pH balancing wipes

What are pH balancing wipes?

Companies that provide cleaning wipes have been looking to expand and elevate their products all whilst maintaining an eco friendly and sustainable mindset. A new addition to these items include pH balancing wipes which is a feminine hygiene product that removes odor caused by bacteria and helps balance pH levels. It can be extremely difficult to know what a good feminine hygiene routine is, what products to use, and who to trust. However, there are several companies that provide products with the correct pH that are alcohol-free, organic, and unmedicated. Feminine care products like these make it easier for women to feel confident and healthy without all the hassle of trying to find the product that is best for them. 

Uses of pH balancing wipes

pH balancing wipes or feminine wipes are used to clean the vaginal area. Women can use these during menstruation or use them everyday to prevent infections and odor. Fragrance found in these wipes are commonly tested and are free of parabens and dyes to ensure the safety of use for all women. These cleaning wipes are made with substances designed to prevent irritation and can be used to just clean and refresh the area. 

pH balancing wipe manufacturers have also created ways in which their products can be stored appropriately with different options for packaging, including smaller sized options, that are easy to stash in your purse, gym bag, and even wallet. They are perfect to use for a post workout routine or during a long day at work.

pH balancing wipes

Well-known gynecologist from Westchester Country, New York and author of The Complete A to Z for your V, Alyssa Dweck M.D., states that in most instances pH wipes are safe to use. Feminine wipes are commonly used for odor purposes only, but this is quoted by Dr. Dweck as the Band-Aid effect. Women should not be solely relying on pH balancing wipes as a source of cleaning, but it is a handy product to carry around in case it becomes rather difficult to be able to clean that area. Dr. Dweck highlights that every vagina contains a natural odor that does not need to be masked, but if you notice any unusual scents or major irritation, consult with your gynecologist to rule out any infections. 

These cleaning wipes help clean away any marks around the vaginal area whilst providing moisture that prevents your most sensitive area feeling uncomfortable or irritated. Some pH products even contain natural ingredients such as aloe to help soothe the area. Feminine wipes are more pleasant on vulval skin than other treatments. This area is known as being very sensitive and can be prone to irritation and dry skin, so the use of wipes become a safer and easier way to ensure comfortability. Furthermore, using other feminine hygiene products such as a pad or tampon can easily retain unwanted bacteria to your vagina. These cleaning wipes can help clean away that bacteria and help support the levels of bacteria without damaging sensitive skin. The packages that they are distributed in are handy and help immensely when other cleaning alternatives may not be available. 

It is important to be aware that some feminine wet wipe manufacturers claim that their product is “pH balancing”, but tend to actually fluctuate the levels causing disruption or irritation around the area. Glycerin and alcohol have the ability to dry out the sensitive skin around the vagina and can potentially affect the body part internally if not used properly. It is also important to avoid feminine wipes if you are experiencing any infection or any complications noted by your gynecologist. This makes it extremely crucial to note that if you are purchasing pH balancing wipes, it is essential that you are doing extensive research to find the product that is the most organic and contains minimal ingredients. 


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household cleaning wipes

Household Cleaning Wipes and Why They are the Best for Household Cleaning 

There are currently a variety of household cleaning wipes that are perfect for cleaning and destroying powerful germs. Currently antibacterial wipes are the leading product when it comes to household cleaning supply purchases. They are the easiest product in terms of usage, disposability, and spotlessness. Over the past 18 months it has become crucial that the cleaning products used inside family homes are able to not only keep the house clean, but eradicate germs too. 

Household cleaning wipes work by physically removing the germs off the surface. The germs are then attached to the wipe making it fairly easy and quick to get them off of your services. The active chemical generally found in wipes is antiseptic which is usually benzalkonium chloride, a chemical that is approved to kill germs. These wipes are more effective and easier than towels and sprays because they are one-step, easy designs. 

Cleaning with other products does not offer the same protection and safety as household wipes do. For example, using a contaminated towel can actually spread bacteria and germs to an uncontaminated surface. Wipes help get rid of this issue by being able to eliminate germs off surfaces with only a limited number of strokes.

Household cleaning wipes manufacturers have also wipes tailored to many families’ needs. This includes the change in certain components so that the wipe is allergen free and environmentally viable. And if you follow the distinctive instructions on their packaging, it is for certain that the wipes are safe to use.  With proper use household cleaning wipes can properly eliminate the germs off your counters and services. 

Household cleaning wipes are found in almost every home in the world. They are designed to target bacteria and viruses on harsh surfaces such as counters, TV, phones, hinges and more. They are not as effective on soft products which include clothing or certain fabrics. 

Many wipes do in fact kill the coronavirus, but it is important to thoroughly check if the ones you are using can. There are hundreds of EPA-registered wipes that can kill COVID-19 and which are incredibly important and powerful in protecting you and your family.

The most popular types are disinfecting wipes and antibacterial wipes. The difference between the two is that antibacterial wipes kill bacteria not viruses. It is important to note that a variety of disinfectant wipes are pre-soaked in disinfectant ingredients such as quaternary ammonium, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, and others. These wipes have been tested as more effective than all use all-purpose cleaning wipes as well as antibacterial wipes. These are a reliable source in protecting your family from certain viruses including COVID-19. 

Household cleaning wipes are a true staple for not only homes, but all venue types and settings. Several tests have been conducted to show that certain ones have helped kill the SARS-CoV-2.

To learn more about how Albaad, as leading wet wipes manufacturers can customize any wipe to meet your needs, contact us today.


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are wet wipes safe for dogs

Are Wet Wipes Safe For Dogs?

Generally, yes! Wet wipes can be safe for dogs, cats, and cows and all other types of pets and domesticated animals. You just need to make sure you are using the right ones. Just as there are wipes specially developed and manufactured for babies, so too there are wipes designed and produced for animal care. From birds to horses, and every other domestic animal in between, wet wipes can be a convenient and safe solution for pet owners, veterinarians and anyone involved in the care of animals.

When it comes to choosing a safe and effective wet wipe for animal care it is important to choose one which has been designed and customized for animals. This is priority number one. There are many types of wet wipes available for a myriad of different uses and it is not recommended to use general wet wipes on your pets. Dogs, for example, have a different skin Ph balance than animals, and customized dog wipes would reflect this. 

Leading veterinary wet wipes manufacturers and pet wipes manufacturers will understand what it takes to produce a high-quality, safe animal care product. 

What are some of the specific types of wet wipes for animals?

Animal cleaning wipes

No-rinse shampoo wipes are great to keep your pet or veterinary clinic animals clean without the need for the mess and stress of an actual bath. Just wipe and clean. Shampoo wipes are usually produced in a larger size, for animals of all sizes and for the most effective cleaning. They can also be customized to ensure great smelling fur. 

Bath wipes for dogs can also be useful for those with allergies to pet fur or dander and when produced correctly are a type of wet wipes considered safe for dogs, even when used regularly. Pet no-rinse shampoo wipes can be used to clean a dog regularly and in the process remove outdoor allergens that may have become stuck to their fur. 

Wipes for paw and fur cleaning are great for keeping both pets and homes clean. The best ones are those developed with moisturizing ingredients that condition your pet and animals fur as they clean. Paw cleaning wipes also mean keeping your home or clinic clean regardless of what your dog, for example, walked in before coming inside. These wipes make for good hygiene for everyone. Some wipes for pets are designed with insect repellent ingredients which can be useful if you have a dog or other pet who is outside a lot. 

Some wipes are designed and produced especially for farm animals. One specific example is wet wipes designed for dairy cows in order to ensure clean and try teat care to prevent mastitis in milking cows. 

Wet wipes for animal care are convenient, time saving and easy to use solutions. Just make sure you choose the right manufacturer who understands what it means to fully customize and personalize pet wipes manufacturing based on your customers needs. 




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moist toilet tissue

Moist Toilet Tissue

Moist toilet tissue is a viable alternative to toilet paper and unlike traditional wet wipes it is, when used according to its manufacturers directions (these can be found on the packet) completely flushable. It must also pass Flushability standards or meet Fine to Flush standards in the country in which it is being used. Each country and region has its own standards and a global wet wipes manufacturer will ensure its moist toilet tissue meets all of these standards to be a truly flushable wipe manufacturer. 

So why moist toilet tissue?

  1. It is truly flushable – if you opt for moist toilet tissue manufactured by a global leader such as Albaad, for example. Not only do their flushable wipes pass the main international standards on flushability, their electric-base sheet makes them fully biodegradable.
  2. Quality moist toilet tissue feels great and smooth on the skin of the user. It can be customized with any number of cleansing ingredients and fragrances for a great user experience. 
  3. It cleans efficiently, more so than toilet paper because it can be customized to meet specific consumer needs. 
  4. It is convenient and can be used anywhere – and is the perfect go to when toilet paper is not available. 
  5. It can be used for a wide range of purposes – from personal cleaning, to the cleaning of objects when out and about. If produced in single-packaging, it can be easy to carry around and keep with you anywhere, everywhere. 


Moist toilet tissue can be customized and manufactured to meet the needs of a wide demographic and consumer base.

For adults – it can be infused with a wide range of conditioning agents for cleaning and optimum skin care. It can be personalized for sensitive skin, and for different parts of the body, to reflect the many different ways in which it can be used by a wide client base. 

For children – it can be manufactured with fun and fruity fragrances that make personal hygiene fun, easy and appealing even to the very youngest of children. It can also be produced with ingredients that respect the more sensitive skin of babies, toddlers and young children. 

For feminine hygiene – it can be modified to ensure the safe and effective cleaning of intimate areas without causing irritation, including fragrance free options. 

For menstruation – it can be produced with extra absorption properties to the cleaning of bodily fluids effectively.

With a ‘bidet’ effect – complete with additional cleansing ingredients and properties in order to provide a cleaner, more effective solution than traditional toilet paper.

Moist toilet tissue represents a large step forward in terms of wet wipes manufacturing. It represents the compromise between convenience, that people have come to expect and demand from wet wipes and how and where they use them, and sustainability – if manufactured and used in line with flushability standards, they won’t create fatbergs, and block water systems. In fact the opposite – they are a sustainable alternative in themselves.




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hand wipes manufacturers

Putting Wet Wipes vs Toilet Paper to the Test

Wet Wipes vs Toilet Paper – the debate

There is plenty of healthy debate surrounding the wet wipes vs toilet paper debate. And while ultimately it comes down to personal preference we have decided to weigh in on the debate, but on the side of wet wipes. And here is why.

Wet Wipes – the pros

Available Anywhere

A packet of wet wipes in your bags means you are ready for any emergency. Toilet paper in a public bathroom is not always a given, but with a packet of wet wipes in your bag, you need never be caught out again. 

And this is the thing about wet wipes, they come in handy packaging – be it single use size, or a slightly bigger version for those who need more wipes at all times. They can be slipped into any bag, even a pocket – this isn’t something we recommend trying with a toilet roll. 


Wet wipes can be used for anything. Spills, dirty hands or just needing a quick refresh and sanitization after touching public surfaces. They are absorbable and often designed with antibacterial ingredients. They clean and sanitize. We are not so sure toilet paper possesses the same sort of powers. In fact we know it doesn’t. 


So this is usually where the controversy lies in the whole wet wipes vs toilet paper debate – the flushability element. And yes, when it comes to flushing non-flushable wipes there are a host of problems associated with this that can cause a lot of damage. In that respect toilet paper is the better choice.

But when it comes to truly flushable wipes – like those using an advanced technology such as Hydrofine – pioneered by flushable wipes manufacturers, Albaad, the wipes win. Truly flushable wipes are completely biodegradable (and designed to be so) and they are able to pass through wastewater systems with ease. They don’t create blockages. A wipe that passes the international Flushability Standards, is just that, flushable. 

wet wipes vs toilet paper

Comfort and Hygiene

Ultimately however the whole wet wipes vs toilet paper debate rests on comfort and hygiene. People are looking for comfort – and wet wipes deliver that. Wet wipes can be completely customized to meet a consumer’s comfort needs, from their size and shape, to their ingredients and fragrance (if any). 

When it comes to putting hygiene first we think wet wipes win it again. They can be produced with antibacterial ingredients, or wholly natural ingredients that are known to have cleansing and disinfecting properties. 

But what wet wipes really deliver is that combination of comfort and hygiene. This is what makes them the ultimate solution. And while we appreciate the amount of time toilet paper has been around for, nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a wet wipe.


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kelly-sikkema-_e5z-AK_qDk-unsplash (1)

Flushable Wipes

It is no secret that the majority of “flushable” wipes on the market are only flushable in the sense that they can be flushed down the toilet, but are not biodegradable by any means. 

The Perceived Problem 

Flushable wipes have an image problem. Wipes that are falsely advertised as flushable when they do the opposite, are causing an image problem for truly flushable wipes. The average person is now drifting away from using wet wipes to avoid causing any unnecessary environmental damage.

Wipes that do not pass international standards on what constitutes a flushable wipe are the ones blocking wastewater and sewage systems. They are also the wipes contributing to the infamous fatbergs that are the headache of municipalities and local governments everywhere.

Everyone loves a wet wipe, they’re handy and versatile and do a much better job at cleaning than a regular tissue. They are convenient when travelling and easy to carry. Their ability to clean just about anything has made them increasingly popular over the years. 

Fortunately, there are some truly flushable wipes on the market, you just have to know where to look. 

Why You Need Wet Wipes

If you’ve ever taken care of kids, you’ll understand the importance of wet wipes. It’s fair to say that the majority of mothers and caretakers alike rely heavily on wet wipes. Whether it’s to clean kids’ faces and hands, or to clean anything they touch, they’re a necessity. They also have more practical uses, they are great for taking off makeup while not bothering skin. If you’re in need of  a great replacement for toilet paper, wet wipes are a more hygienic alternative. 

The important thing to remember is that if you’re going to use wet wipes, make sure they aren’t damaging the environment or your plumbing.

Truly Flushable 

When it comes to wipes that are truly flushable there are some currently available that do exactly what they’re advertised to do. As leading flushable wipes manufacturers Albaad produces moist toilet tissue which is sustainable and ultimately environmentally friendly. 

Albaad is one of the three biggest wet wipe manufacturers in the world and thankfully they’re highly committed to being environmentally friendly. They currently have multiple research facilities spread over three continents in the hopes of improving their ecological footprint. They’re constantly innovating and have recently spent 180 million dollars to build a new plant that helps make their wet wipes recyclable and biodegradable.

flushable wipes

Tips For The Future

When it comes to choosing flushable wipes try to keep in mind these helpful tips

The first step is to make sure the brand of wipes you’re buying are truly flushable. Do your due diligence into the companies behind the wipes. Are they able to show compliance with international standards on flushable wipes? Do they have an environmental sustainability policy that covers all of their wipe manufacturing? The wipe companies should show that they are committed to innovation that will make all wet wipes more sustainable in the years ahead.  

Remember to always follow the wet wipes manufacturers guidelines on how to use and dispose of these types of wipes. This might mean flushing them one at a time or just throwing them in the bin. These guidelines should be visible on the packaging or the company website. Truly flushable wipes should have no issues passing through well-maintained toilet systems. To help make sure you don’t have any build-up, make sure your plumbing is clear and able to handle them. 

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wet wipes manufacturers

Why Wet Wipes?

Why wet wipes? There are many reasons why wet wipes are now an essential consumer product and a regular feature in many people’s daily lives, and an integral part of what is in their bags. They are available across a variety of retail locations, and are used for a variety of different purposes and uses. 

We take a look at the reasons for why wet wipes, and in the process understand better why they have become so integral to the lives of millions. 

Convenient and easy to use

Wipes are convenient. They can be carried anywhere, used anywhere and by anyone. They can be carried in bags, even pockets, and are perfect for when other cleaning facilities or solutions are not available. They are not messy, they are light, and they are effective. This is what makes them popular not only with parents, but with almost anyone. They save time, as they can be used and then disposed of quickly. This is why they are not as popular inside the home as they are outside of it. Wet wipes are effective, and high performers when it comes to meeting consumers’ needs. 


Depending on their ingredients they are safe to be used by almost anyone, from babies to seniors and everyone in between. Their advantage is that they can be customized according to their ingredients and fragrance. They can be designed and manufactured for sensitive skin, or with more natural ingredients for a truly safe and comfortable experience. 


Wipes can be customized for any need, purpose or user. They can be customized according to their size, weight, shape and material used to make them. This means they can be big or small, thick or thin and thus made suitable for any cleaning and hygiene purpose. Importantly they can also be customized in terms of their packaging – from smaller packets designed for those on the go, or large packaging for wipes in bulk for institutions. 

Environmentally conscious

The future of wet wipes is one in which they are designed and manufactured with environmental sustainability, not just in mind, but leading the techniques and technology for their manufacturing. What does this mean? It means wet wipes that are biodegradable, flushable and which help maintain a sustainable lifestyle, rather than the opposite. Flushable wipes are designed to be sustainable. 

There are many reasons for why wet wipes. Their convenience, quality and variety of uses are what make them so popular in the lives of millions. And the role of leading wet wipes manufacturers in ensuring their new products are manufactured with the environment in mind, is even more of a reason for why wet wipes. 

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