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Albaad – leading adult wipes manufacturers offering a wide range of fully-customizable wet wipes manufacturing solutions.

Stand-out adult wipes manufacturers

As global adult wipes manufacturers our entire product range of adult wipes are designed with mild but effective ingredients to clean the skin while providing comfort, freshness and maintaining self-esteem at the same time. They provide a hygienic, skin-friendly solution for cleanliness and care.

Our adult wipes are designed for individuals with incontinence and other care issues. This condition can lead to the secondary issue of incontinence dermatitis, and in bed-bound patients it can lead to the inflammation and potential infection of pressure ulcers. In order to prevent complications, discomfort and poor hygiene as a result of incontinence it is necessary to use a high-quality adult cleaning wipe.

Why Albaad adult wipes manufacturers?

We have the capability to produce adult wipes for institutional care facilities including  hospitals, general care, and senior care facilities. Our wipes can be designed, manufactured and packaged according to the needs of each care facility and their residents and patients. Importantly we can deliver large quantities of adult wipes, fast. We have both research and manufacturing facilities located around the world, meaning fast response times to local needs.

At Albaad we are proud of our leading status as one of the world’s largest adult wipes manufacturers and wet wipes manufacturers. 

We manufacture our adult and elderly care wipes in accordance with all international and local regulatory requirements. This means we deliver not only the highest quality wipes, but the safest ones too.

Adult wipes should provide a hygienic, comfortable and convenient solution. At Albaad we are committed to developing innovative and safe solutions for adult care wet wipes. We also believe in wet wipes development and manufacturing that understands the importance of environmental sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of our wipes.

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