Adult Bed and Bath

Albaad Adult Care Wipes Manufacturers

As leading, global wet wipes manufacturers, Albaad is also committed to its role as adult care wipes manufacturers. This means delivering fully customizable adult care wipes solutions for our clients.

Adult Care Wipes

As leading adult care wipes manufacturers our adult care product line is especially developed for the needs of elderly people.
This range of wipes aims to clean, care and provide comfort with a range of adult bathing wipes.

Incontinence Cleansing Wipes

Our adult bath wipes are large sized wipes with improved fabric strength. Specially designed to thoroughly clean skin from body secretions and foul odors.

Barrier Incontinence Wipes

Bath wipes for adults are large-sized with a 3-in-1 product solution:
Cleansing, barrier film and odor control. Enriched with soothing and moisturizing ingredients, leaving a protective film on the skin that prevents dryness and external skin irritations.

No Rinse Shampoo Cloths

These adult care wipes provide a solution for cleansing hair when water is unavailable. They can be used for refreshing purposes and are designed for bed-bound patients. The cloths are saturated with a mild, no-rinse shampoo and hair conditioner. They offer an alternative, single-step hair cleaning process by massaging the hair for several seconds. No rinsing required.

Large Bathing Wipes

Our adult bath wipes are great for body cleansing when soap and water are unavailable and they can also be used for refreshing purposes. Can be manufactured with a large surface area suitable for covering larger body areas.

Deo Incontinence Wipes

Designed to neutralize bad odor caused by body secretions and to provide a refreshing “after bath” sensation, for quality adult care wipes.

Incontinence Cream Wipes

Provide a barrier film on the skin that is enriched with odor controlling ingredients and are based on patent pending technology. Adds a protective skin layer to help control excessive body moisture and protect against yeast or bacterial growth. The film also prevents skin friction leading to skin irritations, which is quite common among incontinent patients.

Microwavable Cleansing Wipes

Designed to be heated up in microwave ovens and to provide a warm pleasant sensation that is similar to taking a bath. These adult care wipes are especially suitable for bed-bound patients. These wipes prioritize both cleansing and comfort.