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Baby Wipes Manufacturer

As a leading baby wipes manufacturer and wet wipes supplier Albaad’s wet wipes are designed to provide efficient, convenient and safe solutions for keeping babies clean and pampered.

Baby skin is considered much more delicate compared to adult skin as it is thinner, and its barrier properties are not yet fully developed. As a result, baby skin tends to lose moisture faster, and it is more prone to irritation.

The skin in the nappy area is extremely sensitive due to the presence of microorganisms in body secretions, excessive exposure to moisture, and the possible friction with the diapers.

General Baby Wipes Manufacturer and Product Development

Albaad’s baby care wipes are a rich and versatile product offering to effectively clean baby skin. As a global baby wipes manufacturer we offer tailor-made product design and baby care wipes manufacturing that meets the full spectrum of our clients’ needs:

  • Select from a wide range of conditioning agents that improve skin care for babies, such as: Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Calendula, Oat, Honey, Green Tea, Cucumber, Vitamins, Minerals and many more
  • Wide range of fabric options; smooth or embossed and with eye pleasing toy and animal patterns
  • Fragranced or non-fragranced product options
  • Especially designed for sensitive and newborn skin; contains extra mild ingredients and soothing & moisturizing agents.
  • Available in preservative-, surfactant- and fragrance-free varieties
  • Choose from different moisture levels.
  • Supporting a wide range of natural/nature-like/organic/preservative-free products that comply with national standards (Cosmos, BDIH, NPA)

As global baby care wet wipes manufacturers, we understand what makes for the best product.

Moisturizing Milk Baby Wipes Manufacturer

Milky wipes moisturize the skin and are specifically suited for dry skin. The ‘Milky’ product is a silky combination of baby oil mixed with a cleansing solution. The large portion of oil in the product also helps to prevent nappy rash – there is no question why these wipes are considered to be one of our premium products!

As a global baby care wipes manufacturer, Albaad are the industry leaders.

Cream Baby Wipes Manufacturer

Baby Cream Wipes provide a moisturizing and caring effect, which is comparable to traditional creams sold in bottles and jars. The unique texture, paired with a rich visual appearance, provides consumers with the refreshing experience to “see” and “feel” the caring effect.
Albaad’s Baby Cream Wipes stand out through the added protective barrier that prevents nappy rash.

Soothing Gel Wipes

These wipes are designed to specifically clean and protect the baby skin and are enriched with improved sensorial properties. The unique polymer component creates a special and unique texture.

Oil Wipes

Baby Oil Wipes are designed to moisturize dry skin while leaving a pleasant after-feel. Traditional baby oils can be inconvenient to handle and may leave a greasy after-feel. In contrast the oil in the wipes is quickly absorbed into the skin with no greasy residue, which makes them easy to handle. These Oil Wipes can also be used in the nappy area to soothe skin rashes.

Nappy Rash Wipes with Tri-calm Complex

Our Nappy Rash Wipes with Tri-calm complex protect delicate baby skin from inflammation and create a soothing and calming effect on the skin.

Easy Nappy Change Wipes

Thanks to a novel formula, which acts like a lubricant layer these wipes prevent body secretions from adhering to the skin. These wipes ease off on heavy duty tasks.

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