Soft & Safe – Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Safe & Soft - Antibacterial Wipes

We keep your hands sanitized
and clean in ONE easy step.

Our antibacterial wipes break down and wipe away germs while leaving your skin and hands Safe & Soft.  These wipes are alcohol free to avoid drying the skin, unlike other popular alcohol-based products.

Safe & Soft Antibacterial Wipes are an FDA Registered over-the-counter Drug (NDC 23957-085)  – safe for use on skin, designed to comply with the FDA’s Monograph for Hand Sanitizing products.

Safe & Soft

Cleans and kills 99.9% of common germs on the skin, and removes dirt.

Breaks down and removes oils, grease and other food residue.

Always on the go – grab one of the long-lasting resealable packs, that keeps the wipes moist and fresh.