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Albaad – cosmetic wipes manufacturers. We manufacture the highest-quality cosmetic wipes for cleaner and better looking skin.

Why good quality cosmetic wipes are so important.

Over time your skin’s appearance undergoes several undesirable changes:

Hyper-pigmentation – this refers to the overproduction of dark pigments on the skin. These may be obvious.
Development of fine lines and wrinkles due to loss of elasticity and resiliency as a result of reduced production of two important proteins:  Elastin and Collagen, which give young skin it’s tautness. This is why older skin may sag and appear less firm.
Loss of fat Padding– resulting in dryer skin which can cause discomfort.
Slowing down of dead cell removal – prevents the skin from shedding irregularities, lumps, bumps, and displeasing problem spots. This makes common skin problems harder to reduce or remove.

These changes can be slowed, or corrected with the right cosmetic wipe and skin care regime. This means a cosmetic wet wipe that is able to clean the face effectively and thoroughly, while also being able to add to the skin important nutrients and other benefits, that can help keep skin looking younger and more vibrant.

Leading, global cosmetic wipes manufacturers

Albaad, as leading and global cosmetic wet wipes manufacturers have developed their cosmetic wipes range to clean and nurture the skin with beneficial nutrients to help improve its appearance and maintain its beauty. Our cosmetic wipes may not be able to fully stop the passage of time, but they can ensure healthier looking and feeling skin at any age.

Albaad’s range of products, and wet wipes manufacturing solutions are designed for different age groups as well as for different applications such as refreshment, moisturizing, cleansing and make up removal.

We provide fully customizable wet wipes manufacturing including private and white label production. We are committed to both innovation and environmental sustainability, and to providing the best wipes manufacturing for our clients as leading wet wipes suppliers.

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