Body Wipes

Body Wipes

Customizable body wipes solutions and products from Albaad, one of the world’s largest wet wipes manufacturers. We have over 35 years experience of manufacturing wet wipes of all types to the highest manufacturing and safety standards.

Our body wipes can be customized to meet our client’s exact needs, be these global or local. We can customize our body wipes by size, shape, weight, fragrance, ingredients and packaging.

All of our wipes are manufactured to the highest local and international regulatory standards, allowing us to deliver high-quality, safe products each and every time.

With our global and local body wipes manufacturer capabilities, combined with our research and development offices, allow us to deliver local solutions anywhere in the world. This allows us to be one of the leading and largest body wipes manufacturers in the world. We also aim to be one of the most innovative body wipes manufacturers through our commitment to technology and environmental sustainability.

We provide body wipes for the world’s leading retailers and big-name brands. We offer contract, institutional and private label manufacturing solutions.

Deo Wipes

Designed to remove sweat and neutralize body odor. An effective and high-quality body wipe.
100% Aluminum-free. Available in a range of packaging options.

Body Cream Wipes

Our body cream wipes contain moisturizing cream to hydrate the skin. Ideal for moisturizing the whole body. Clean and moisturize at the same time with this body wipe.

Cellulite Wipes

Available in glove form to facilitate the massaging of skin areas for a re-energizing effect. Clinically proven to improve skin elasticity and substantially improve skin cellulite conditions within only a few weeks of usage.