Feet Care Wipes

Feet Care Wipes

Albaad, leading and global wet wipes manufacturers. We have over 25 years extensive experience as foot wipes manufacturers and in wet wipe manufacturing for private and white label solutions, as well as contract and institutional manufacturing.

As foot wipes manufacturers we can provide wipes for all foot care needs for local and global consumers. These include massaging wipes, wipes for dry skin and exfoliating wipes. Our wipes are manufactured with the highest ingredients, and according to local and international manufacturing standards.

All of our wipes can be customized by size, shape, weight, materials, fragrance, ingredients and packaging according to our customer’s precise needs.

Feet Massaging Wipes

These foot wipes are enriched with peppermint extract to energize tired legs. These feet massaging wipes can be customized with any fragrance and ingredients to meet a customer’s needs. They can also be manufactured according to specific packaging needs.

Feet Cream for Dry Skin

Suited for lubricating and moisturizing dry skin. The ointment used in these wipes for dry skin is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no messy residue. These wipes are optimized for comfort and results. These wipes can be fully customized in terms of their precise ingredients and fragrance used. At Albaad we are committed to using only the highest quality and effective ingredients for our foot care wipes.

Exfoliating Wipes for Rough Skin

These exfoliating feet wipes remove rough and hard skin without requiring rinsing after application. This makes them comfortable to use, and an ideal and highly-effective exfoliating solution for all foot care needs.  We are committed to the development and manufacturing of high-quality products.

Wax Residue Removing Wipes

These wax removing feet wipes are designed to remove wax residues following hair depilation. They are both effective in removing residual wax, and comfortable to use. Reduce mess after waxing for a more comfortable and user-friendly experience. Fully-customizable according to your needs – choose the right ingredients and fragrances for you.