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Home Care Wipes

Automotive Cockpit Wipes

Designed to clean interior plastic surfaces in cars.

The practical packaging fits neatly into the glove compartment. With this product the car interior is kept in excellent condition, which makes them an ideal solution for daily car upkeep.

APC Wipes

An ideal solution for cleaning all household surfaces. Leaves a fresh scent and provides a feeling of cleanliness. Albaad’s streak-free products deliver shiny surfaces and are also available as anti-bacterial cleaning wipes. These strong wipes also work magic on extra tough surfaces.

Bathroom Wipes

Bathroom wipes are cleaning specialist for the bathroom area. They effectively clean bathtubs, tiles, sinks, toilet seats and other surfaces. They are especially effective against grime, soap and limestone. There’s also an anti-bacterial version.

Electronic Wipes

These wipes clean electronic surfaces including TV screens, computers, tablets and mobile devices. They contain an anti-static, ethanol-free formula without other solvents and remove dirt, dust and fingerprints.

Floor Wipes

Made of strong, non-woven material, our floor wipes are ideal for cleaning floors with minimal effort. These large-sized wipes come in a range of pleasant and fresh scents.

Furniture Wipes

Our wet furniture wipes are infused with a mild lotion, which makes cleaning of furniture surfaces an easy task. The anti-static formula reduces dust residue and provides a pleasant and fresh scent.

Laundry Dryer Wipes

An airy wipes product that helps maintain textile fluffiness during laundry drying, providing a pleasant and fresh scent with an anti-static effect.

Leather Wipes

Gently cleans and helps maintain all leather surfaces.

Parquet & Laminate

Suitable for all types of parquet and laminate floors, including sealed cork, oiled and waxed wooden floors. The formula contains high-quality care ingredients.

Silver Cleaning

Effective in cleaning silver and other metals like gold, copper and brass. Contains protective and anti-oxidant ingredients.

Spectacles Wipes

Soft microfiber wipes to effectively clean spectacles including plastic lenses. Enables streak-free cleanliness without need to polish. Uses an extremely gentle formula.

Toilet Wipes

These wipes are powerful hygienic cleaners and provide a fresh scent.

Window Wipes

A single quick wipe with our streak-free window wipes leaves windows clean and shiny.

Customized Wipes

Albaad produces a wide range of customized cleaning wipes for kitchen, stainless steel, shoes and car wheels that are specially formulated and designed to meet specific client needs.

Stainless Steel Wipes

Infused with a cleansing solution that is perfectly suited to clean stainless steel surfaces. Removes bacteria and keeps stainless steel appliances shining like new.