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Mom Care Wipes

Pregnancy is a time of expectation and joy of bringing new life to the world.

However, this time can create discomfort due to physical changes which occur in the body:

During pregnancy:

  • Stretch marks – are the result of the rapid stretching of the skin which is associated with growth and weight changes.
  • Tired legs – as pregnancy progresses, the weight of the growing baby and expanding abdomen can create excess pressure on back and legs, making them tired.

During nursing:

  • Some women experience sore nipples during breastfeeding

Albaad’s Mom Care product range is designed to provide convenient soothing and calming solutions which are very easy to apply on the skin.

Breast Feeding Wipes

Special wipes to moisturize dry and cracked nipples. Ingredients based on natural vegetable oil.

Stretchmarks Wipes

For skin lubrication during pregnancy and maternity. Restores skin moisture levels and suppleness while smoothing out marks and toning skin.

Feet massaging

Provide a similar sensation to a foot massage. Ideally suited for energizing tired legs.