Personal Care Wipes

Personal Care Wipes Manufacturers

Albaad – leading personal care wipes manufacturers. With our global network of manufacturing facilities we are able to respond to local wet wipes manufacturing needs, fast.

Albaad’s fully-customizable personal care wipes are designed to thoroughly clean the skin and provide a smooth skin effect for cleaner, softer skin.

We invest tremendous effort and commitment into customizing our products and personal care wipes manufacturing to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

Each of our personal wipes product categories offers basic cleansing solutions, along with a range of customized products designed for specific needs.

Our personal wipes include the design and manufacturing of intimate wipes for personal care and hygiene. These include feminine hygiene cleansing wipes, vaginal gel wipes, period wipes, wipes for menopause (hot flushes), intimate Deo wipes, prebiotic wipes, and pH-intimate wipes for specific skin types and conditions.

As global personal care wipes manufacturers we have research and development facilities, and manufacturing capabilities located around the world. We also pride ourselves on our strict adherence to local and international manufacturing regulations. Our wet wipes manufacturing produces goods of the highest quality, and the safest products at the same time.

We are also able to customize product packaging to meet the exact needs of the client.

At Albaad we believe very strongly in the importance of innovation, and we are committed to developing new, better products all of the time. We also have a strong vision centered around the importance of environmental sustainability and this vision runs through the entire product lifecycle planning of our wipes.

Intimiate Care Wipes