Automotive Wipes

Automotive Wipes

As one of the world’s largest wet wipes manufacturers, Albaad has over 25 years experience of manufacturing customizable wipe solutions for local and global customers. We currently have manufacturing facilities and capabilities across three continents, meaning we can provide wipes for customers fast, regardless of their exact location in the world.

These wipes solutions include our automotive wipes designed to clean the interiors of cars. They can be customized according to size, shape, weight, material, ingredients, fragrance and packaging.

As leading automotive wipes manufacturers we are committed to designing, producing and supplying the highest-quality, most effective wipes for automotive cleaning and care.

Our wipes can be customized for any transport cleaning need or use and is not limited specifically to automotives and cars. We also have extensive experience with private label, white label, contract manufacturing and manufacturing wipes for institutions. We believe in a commitment to continually developing better wipes for different purposes and needs.

Automotive Cockpit Wipes

These automotive wipes have been specially designed to clean interior plastic surfaces in cars. The practical packaging fits neatly into the glove compartment, making them user-friendly and convenient. As leading automotive wipes manufacturers we understand the importance of fully customizable wipes to meet our clients precise needs.  With this product the car interior is kept in excellent condition, which makes them an ideal solution for daily car upkeep while still being safe for the user.

As with all of our wipes our automotive wipes are fully-customizable depending on the specific needs of our clients.

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