Veterinary Pet Wipes

Veterinary Pet Wipes

Albaad – leading and global wet wipes manufacturers.

Pet wipes manufacturers – our customizable wipes solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of our clients, and their pet wipe needs.

All of our wipes, whether for pet care or otherwise are fully-customizable. Their size, shape, weight, fabric, ingredients and packaging can all be customized to the precise requirements of our clients.

With global manufacturing facilities, we are able to work both on a global and local scale in our role as pet wipes manufacturers. This means global and local wet wipes manufacturing, fast.

We have over 25 years experience of manufacturing wet wipes for private label, white label, contract manufacturing and institutional needs. Our pet wipes manufacturing is one part of our production of veterinary care wipes. Our commitment to research and development means we understand the importance of improving our products all of the time, and we are dedicated tro finding ways to improve the effectiveness of our products.

No Rinse Shampoo Wipes

Our no-rinse pet shampoo wipes can be used as a substitute instead of pet baths. Avoid messy situations at home and in veterinary clinics with our no-rinse pet shampoo wipes. They make cleaning more efficient, more effective and a lot less messy too!

Our non-rinse pet shampoo wipes are designed and manufactured as extra-large wipes which are then infused with a mild cleansing solution that keeps pet fur clean and smelling fresh. Our pet wipes are of the highest-quality, are designed especially for animal and pet care, and are safe to use at home or when out.

Clean Paw Wipes

Our clean paw wipes are suited for the gentle and effective cleaning of pet paws. Veterinary specialists and dermatologists confirm that the cleansing lotion used in our wipes dissolves dry dirt and is therefore ideal for treating sensitive dog skin. Our wipes ensure pet owners do not need to compromise on quality, safety or hygiene when it comes to paw cleaning.

Clean Fur Wipes

Our clean fur pet wipes are infused with a blend of moisturizing vegetable oils that clean, nurture and condition pet fur. They are designed to pamper and clean your pet with safe, effective ingredients.

We understand how important it is for pet owners to trust the products they use on their pets, and we ensure that our wipes are designed especially for animals.