Toddler Care Wipes

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Toddler Care Wipes

Albaad’s Toddler wipe range is especially designed for toddlers who are becoming more independent. They provide means to maintain little ones hygiene during play time, meals, and during potty training. The wipes are designed with mild ingredients and fun fragrances.

Toddler Cleansing Wipes

Helps maintain the hygiene of your little ones. Contains mild ingredients and a variety of fun and fruity scents. Available as mini-packs.

Hands and face wipes

Protect the hygiene of your little ones’ hands and face. Contains mild ingredients and available as mini-packs.

Ink and Playdough Removing Wipes

Good for removing dirt and sticky films off your little ones during playtime.

Potty training wipes

Large-sized wipes that efficiently and elegantly absorb and clean up potty training ‘accidents’.