Whitecloud Cotton Soft Wipes

Whitecloud cotton soft cloths resealable refill packs come in lightly scented and unscented.
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• Cottony Soft Spunlace
• Alcohol Free, Latex Free, and Hypoallergenic
• Contains Aloe and Lanolin
• Dispenser pack with snap lid for longer use or Resealable refill pack
• Available Scented and Unscented
• Made in USA


The Whitecloud brand is owned by Albaad.

For customer service, please call 1-888-723-3309 or email amazoncustomerservice@albaad.us.com

Albaad offers under the Whitecloud brand a wide variety of products in different categories including MTT, Feminine Hygiene and Cosmetics removal. Look out for the Whitecloud brand to experience quality products made in the USA.