Restaurant Wet Wipes that Guarantee Safe Hygiene

Learn how our restaurant wet wipes are guaranteed to kill the most common bacteria and viruses in restaurants.

As wet wipe manufacturers, we understand the importance of keeping surfaces clean and germ- free, especially in places where food preparation and eating is involved. Whether stopping for a quick bite with your family, or treating yourself to a romantic night out, customers assume that their venue of choice is up to par with hygiene standards. At Albaad, we understand the importance of restaurant sanitation and its impact on public health. 

A restaurant table can contain up to 185,000 bacteria per square inch; a fact most people prefer not to think about. Our restaurant wet wipes are a dependable solution to thoroughly and quickly destroy these harmful germs. Pre-moistened with the strongest of cleaning agents,  wet wipes are an effective way of eliminating these bacteria and viruses on contact. 

Restaurant wet wipes are the most time efficient way to clean surfaces with as much traffic as a public eating facility. This is a major advantage in a busy restaurant.  Waiting for a server to come and spray a table, dry it with paper towels, and continue to air dry can be taxing on both customers and waiters. With wet wipes, surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in seconds, saving precious time for all involved. 

Not all wet wipes are equally effective. It is important to choose high- quality, specialized disinfectant wipes. Our wipes are guaranteed to kill the most common types of bacteria and viruses found in restaurants.

As contract wet wipes manufacturers, our wipes are fully customizable to size, shape, weight, fabric, ingredients, and even fragrance. A variety of options such as large buckets, dispensers, and sachets ensure maximum convenience for the customer. 

With over 35 years experience as restaurant wet wipe manufacturers, we are confident in our ability to assure customer safety and satisfaction.