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CEO Commitment to Sustainability

At Albaad we believe that sustainability drives business growth and long term shareholder value. As an environmentally responsible company we seek to improve our ecological footprint, which begins with the integration of environmental considerations into our every business decision, product development cycle and production process.

With every new product we develop we examine the waste impact of our products and the resulting implications on waste treatment. This drives our innovation for environmentally friendly solutions that contribute to a cleaner environment.

We are committed to environmentally responsible conduct and believe in full transparency towards our shareholders and customers.

As a global market leader in our field we are on a growth trajectory and plan to execute our expansion strategy for existing and new markets. Growth still needs to align with our ecological code of conduct and we are taking many steps to reduce our environmental impact. One of these steps is manifested in the nature of our products itself.

We made a substantial investment of US$ 180 million in the building of a new plant that will spearhead the manufacturing process of new ecologically friendly products based on our patented technology. This includes moist toilet paper as well as washable and biodegradable wipes. We believe that the future of our industry lies in the creation of products that are built around the principles of sustainability and we are actively pursuing this goal.

We will continue to examine our performance and identify opportunities for improvement in all the areas we are active in.


Dan Mesika