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Social Engagement

Albaad’s Social Investment Strategy

At Albaad we realize that social investment is essential for creating and strengthening social value, through making a positive impact to the environment and society. Social investment is our voluntary contribution towards projects, with the primary purpose of contributing to the resilience of the communities where we operate as well as protecting the environment, which aligns with our broader business priorities.

We work with our stakeholders to identify social needs and to understand how we can better utilise existing resources through which we make a social investment that will create meaningful outcomes for communities and the environment.


Our Social Investment Principles and Guidelines:

Albaad’s social investment strategy aims to provide an integrated framework to guide social investment
at Albaad by:

  • Investing in the areas where we believe we can make a distinctive contribution, demonstrate leadership and bring an added value.
  • Addressing global sustainable development challenges of most relevance to our business and strengthening our social value, through making a positive and significant contribution to the environment and society.
  • Committing to work with groups and associations in long-term partnerships, as well as making ad hoc investments to achieve shared goals.
  • Promoting and supporting employees volunteering activity along with financial and non-monetary donations.


Our Social Priorities:

Our social investment strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and focuses on three areas:

  • Educating and empowering the future generation:
    We consider the sound upbringing of children, society’s next generation, as a social issue that must be addressed for the continued development of local communities, and we provide donation to support education and development of the next-generation children and youth.
  • Promoting environmental protection:
    We realize the importance of protecting the environment and take steps to preserve and protect it, by seeking social investment for environmental protection projects, that will contribute to environmental resilience and protect it for future generations.
  • Advancing health, hygiene and wellbeing:
    Providing and supporting activities and services that improve health, hygiene and wellbeing in the communities we serve.