Wet Wipes Production Process

Come behind the scenes with us and learn about our wet wipes production process in manufacturing plants all over the world. 

The wet wipes production process is a complex one, with each step requiring much thought. This is even more true when running a global production. Here at Albaad, we have manufacturing plants all over the world, including in Germany, Poland, Spain, and Israel. Each plant has hundreds of employees and has broad production capabilities. Because of our vast production capacity, we’re able to deliver large orders around the world quickly. 

Because we are running a global operation, there is a lot of work involved in delivering our high-quality products. Here are some interesting factors to keep in mind about the wet wipes production process: 

Wet Wipes Material

Our dedicated R&D team is proficient in each of the specific areas needed to produce world-class wipes. From start to finish, we create our wipes with the highest quality materials (many are in-house). We select the exact fibers necessary for each particular type of cloth sheet. We then integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. It is also critical to consider regulatory requirements in our design process. This way, our products meet strict international standards in the marketplace. One example of this is our in-house production of Hydrofine’s moist toilet tissue. Its flushable fabric is made with natural fibers. This allows us to ensure the sustainability of our product from the earliest stages of production. Hydrofine has been rigorously tested and received flushability certifications at the most stringent institutes in the US and Europe.

Albaad’s Machinery

Have you ever wondered how enormous production machines stay clean and safe? At Albaad Iberia, we invested in a new CIP (clean-in-place) system. This provides us with the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation for our production lines. Our fully automated system cleans the liquid pipe systems of our equipment, allowing for a consistent and efficient process while creating a safe environment for our employees. This is just one more step that we have taken to improve the versatility and safety of our powerful operations system.

Manufacturing Options

We offer different manufacturing options, from private label and contract manufacturing to institutional manufacturing. Private label means that you choose one of our existing products and use your company branding to sell it. You have a ready product to sell (you can always customize your product to suit your exact needs). If you are looking for contract wet wipes manufacturers, the process is different. You figure out each component of the product from scratch, with our help and expertise. Our institutional manufacturing capabilities are the best solution for hospitals, elderly care facilities, and general care.


As a vertical manufacturer, we can customize every step of the wet wipes production process according to your specific needs. This makes us the perfect fit for all of our global clients. We consider elements like ingredients, fragrance, size, shape, weight, and packaging, and we ensure your product meets both international and local requirements.

Albaad Employees

The most important element of our wet wipes production process is our employees. Our operation is smooth and seamless because of the people who make Albaad what it is. On our LinkedIn account (, we introduce you to our global team. We shine the spotlight on our employees because we are proud of them and of the work they do. 

We take wet wipes seriously and carefully consider every step of the production process. Learn more about how we operate as European wet wipes manufacturers and how we can help you.