Are Wet Wipes Safe For Dogs?

Generally, yes! Wet wipes can be safe for dogs, cats, and cows and all other types of pets and domesticated animals. You just need to make sure you are using the right ones. Just as there are wipes specially developed and manufactured for babies, so too there are wipes designed and produced for animal care. From birds to horses, and every other domestic animal in between, wet wipes can be a convenient and safe solution for pet owners, veterinarians and anyone involved in the care of animals.

When it comes to choosing a safe and effective wet wipe for animal care it is important to choose one which has been designed and customized for animals. This is priority number one. There are many types of wet wipes available for a myriad of different uses and it is not recommended to use general wet wipes on your pets. Dogs, for example, have a different skin Ph balance than animals, and customized dog wipes would reflect this. 

Leading veterinary wet wipes manufacturers and pet wipes manufacturers will understand what it takes to produce a high-quality, safe animal care product. 

What are some of the specific types of wet wipes for animals?

Animal cleaning wipes

No-rinse shampoo wipes are great to keep your pet or veterinary clinic animals clean without the need for the mess and stress of an actual bath. Just wipe and clean. Shampoo wipes are usually produced in a larger size, for animals of all sizes and for the most effective cleaning. They can also be customized to ensure great smelling fur. 

Bath wipes for dogs can also be useful for those with allergies to pet fur or dander and when produced correctly are a type of wet wipes considered safe for dogs, even when used regularly. Pet no-rinse shampoo wipes can be used to clean a dog regularly and in the process remove outdoor allergens that may have become stuck to their fur. 

Wipes for paw and fur cleaning are great for keeping both pets and homes clean. The best ones are those developed with moisturizing ingredients that condition your pet and animals fur as they clean. Paw cleaning wipes also mean keeping your home or clinic clean regardless of what your dog, for example, walked in before coming inside. These wipes make for good hygiene for everyone. Some wipes for pets are designed with insect repellent ingredients which can be useful if you have a dog or other pet who is outside a lot. 

Some wipes are designed and produced especially for farm animals. One specific example is wet wipes designed for dairy cows in order to ensure clean and try teat care to prevent mastitis in milking cows. 

Wet wipes for animal care are convenient, time saving and easy to use solutions. Just make sure you choose the right manufacturer who understands what it means to fully customize and personalize pet wipes manufacturing based on your customers needs.