Wet Wipes to Clean Pet Paws

Learn about the germs that are brought into your home through your dogs paws, and the best way to keep them out with Albaad’s Pet Paw Wipes

All dog owners know that walks are the highlight of their dog’s day. They get to enjoy the outdoors and burn off all that extra energy. For dog owners, walking your dog can also be a welcome breath of fresh air for you – so really it’s a win win.

But after the walk, you may be tired, and it’s easy to come home, take off their leash, flop down on the couch and put up your feet. But in truth, cleaning your dog’s paws thoroughly after they’ve been out and about is a vital, but often forgotten step.

Why do pup’s paws need to be cleaned? Here are 3 important reasons why:

Keep Your House Clean

It’s inevitable that dirt, germs and mud will gather on your dog’s feet while on a walk outside. Your dog definitely doesn’t have any reason to avoid stepping in the gross things out on the pavement, in fact usually for dogs, the grosser the better. As household cleaning wipes manufacturers, we know that one of the most popular cleaning products for pet owners are floor wipes. By cleaning your dog’s paws you can prevent them from tracking all these post-walk germs all over your house, and leave you needing to clean your floor less. 

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Not all dogs wear shoes! Imagine if you walked everywhere, come rain or shine, barefoot. The amount of cuts and sores on your feet would be concerning. Granted, dog’s paws are tougher than our feet, but they still can and do get injured. Without a good clean, germs will seep into these cuts leaving your dog with horrible pain, and you with high vet bills. 

When it’s warm outdoors, concrete paths and sidewalks heat up and may burn your dog’s feet. On the other hand, rainy days also mean your dog’s paws will get moist – the best breeding ground for germs. And if that isn’t enough, remember that ticks and other bad parasites can hide in your dog’s paws. This is especially possible if your dog has been walking through lots of grass, in wooded areas. You can also prevent this through daily wet wipe cleaning of dog paws. 

Keep Yourself Healthy

Yes, getting mud, dirt and dust on your floors and carpets is a huge pain, but there’s worse things in store if cleaning your dog’s paws isn’t a priority – this could lead to a bacteria outbreak in your home. This can be very harmful for you and your family. Avoid exposing your family to bacteria that can be brought in from outside by wiping down your dogs paws daily. 

As wet wipes manufacturers, we make sure that our clean paw wipes are suited for the gentle and effective cleaning of pet paws. Veterinary specialists and dermatologists confirm that the cleansing lotion used in our wipes dissolves dry dirt. Our wipes ensure pet owners do not need to compromise on quality, safety, or hygiene when it comes to paw cleaning. 

If you are wanting to manufacture pet paw wipes for your clients, Albaad as contract wet wipes manufacturers can help you. We make every part of the product. Therefore, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create your perfect pet wipes.