What are pH balancing feminine wipes?

A new addition to the range of wipes is pH balancing feminine wipes which are a feminine hygiene product that removes odor caused by bacteria and helps balance pH levels. 

It can be extremely difficult to know what a good feminine hygiene routine is, what products to use, and who to trust. However, there are several companies that provide products with the correct pH that are alcohol-free, organic, and unmedicated. Feminine care products like these make it easier for women to feel confident and healthy without all the hassle of trying to find the product that is best for them. Many people ask, are feminine wipes safe to use, we’ll delve into this and more in our article.

Uses of pH balancing feminine wipes

What are feminine wipes exactly, and how are they used? pH balancing wipes or feminine wipes are used to clean the vaginal area. Women can use these during menstruation or use them everyday to prevent infections and odor. Fragrance found in these wipes are commonly tested and are free of parabens and dyes to ensure the safety of use for all women. These cleaning wipes are made with substances designed to prevent irritation and can be used to just clean and refresh the area. 

pH balancing wipe manufacturers have also created ways in which their products can be stored appropriately with different options for packaging, including smaller sized options, that are easy to stash in your purse, gym bag, and even wallet. They are perfect to use for a post workout routine or during a long day at work.

Well-known gynecologist from Westchester Country, New York and author of The Complete A to Z for your V, Alyssa Dweck M.D., states that in most instances pH wipes are safe to use. Feminine wipes are commonly used for odor purposes only, but this is quoted by Dr. Dweck as the Band-Aid effect. Women should not be solely relying on pH balance wipes as a source of cleaning, but it is a handy product to carry around in case it becomes rather difficult to be able to clean that area. Dr. Dweck highlights that every vagina contains a natural odor that does not need to be masked, but if you notice any unusual scents or major irritation, consult with your gynecologist to rule out any infections. 

These cleaning wipes help clean away any marks around the vaginal area whilst providing moisture that prevents your most sensitive area from feeling uncomfortable or irritated. Some pH products even contain natural ingredients such as aloe to help soothe the area. Feminine wipes are more pleasant on vulval skin than other treatments. This area is known as being very sensitive and can be prone to irritation and dry skin, so the use of wipes become a safer and easier way to ensure comfortability. Furthermore, using other feminine hygiene products such as a pad or tampon can easily retain unwanted bacteria to your vagina. These cleaning wipes can help clean away that bacteria and help support the levels of bacteria without damaging sensitive skin. The packages that they are distributed in are handy and help immensely when other cleaning alternatives may not be available. 

It is important to be aware that some feminine wet wipe manufacturers claim that their product is “pH balancing”, but tend to actually fluctuate the levels causing disruption or irritation around the area. Glycerin and alcohol have the ability to dry out the sensitive skin around the vagina and can potentially affect the body part internally if not used properly. It is also important to avoid feminine wipes if you are experiencing any infection or any complications noted by your gynecologist. This makes it extremely crucial to note that if you are purchasing pH balancing wipes, it is essential that you are doing extensive research to find the product that is the most organic and contains minimal ingredients.