What are Wet Wipes Used For?

From germ removal to skincare, we discuss why wet wipes are a valuable and irreplaceable part of your daily life.

We are seeing organic growth in the wipes market due to the many time-saving and safety benefits they offer. Cleanliness is more important than ever; it’s no wonder that the options and capabilities of the wipes we buy have become more advanced.  So what are wet wipes used for? 

Removing Germs

Not all wipes are meant to remove germs. Take baby wipes, which are water-based because they need to be sensitive for a baby’s delicate skin. But if you are using wet wipes for cleaning purposes, you will want to ensure that they are actually killing germs. Wipes that do this properly include household cleaning wipes, which are designed to target bacteria on surfaces like counters, TV, phones, and more. The active chemical usually found in these wipes is benzalkonium chloride, which is approved to kill germs. Hand wipes also remove germs; they are more effective in removing bacterial sores from hands than hand sanitizer, according to a study by the Special Pathogens Laboratory. This is mainly because hand wipes require a mechanical wiping action, which physically removes more bacterial sores. 

Substituting Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is not pre-moistened or ready for heavy duty cleaning, and its material is often rough on the skin. However, wet wipes were not a good alternative to toilet paper because you couldn’t flush them…until recently.  Flushable wipes (also called moist toilet tissue) are wet wipes with a special cleansing solution that clean both gently and effectively after using the toilet. 

Taking Care of Your Skin

High quality cosmetic wet wipes protect your skin from unwanted changes over time. One such change is hyperpigmentation, a condition in which some patches of your skin are darker than the rest of your skin. Another change is a loss of elasticity because your skin produces less elastin and collagen. When this happens, you begin to develop more fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, your skin often becomes dryer, and it is harder to address common skin problems properly. 

One major area to focus on specifically is your face, which is why we offer a wide range of facial care wipes. You need to consistently and habitually clean your face. Removing makeup every single night is crucial because makeup can clog your pores, which ultimately leads to acne breakouts and other issues. 

However, skincare isn’t just for your face. People also use body wipes and feet care wipes to address specific skin needs. Wiping off sweat throughout the day and exfoliating properly are just some steps you can take to preserve your skin. 


Wet wipes are used around the globe for a variety of reasons. We are committed to developing a catalog of new products that prioritize comfort, safety, and convenience. This means that we are continually improving our ability to customize products based on clients’ specific needs. As European wet wipes manufacturers, we take great pride in the quality of our products and the contribution they make to your everyday life.