What is Most Important in a Wet Wipes Manufacturer?

We consider what is most important in a wet wipes manufacturer and how we provide that for you.

When seeking a wet wipe manufacturer, buyers place importance on different aspects. It is crucial to understand what those factors are to make informed decisions. In a poll we conducted on LinkedIn (, we asked our followers what is most important to their organization when they are looking for a wet wipe manufacturer. We explored factors such as global reach, expertise in wet wipes, high quality materials, and customization capabilities. 

High Quality Materials 

In this poll, 58% of our followers prioritize high quality materials above all else. This makes sense – after all, the quality of the materials used determines the quality of your end product. We produce every part of the product in-house, including the raw materials. We also have our own dedicated R&D team with proficiencies in each of the specific arenas needed to produce world-class wipes.

When you take an inside look at how we manufacture our nonwoven fabrics in wet wipes, you get an idea of how much of an emphasis we place on this too. This sustainable fabric is biodegradable, plastic-free, fully flushable, and made entirely from natural fibers. From web formation to web bonding and drying, our machines are equipped with a process and quality control system that monitors all the relevant parameters of production. These wipes are exceptionally high quality as a result. Our moist toilet tissue is truly one-of-a-kind in terms of how eco-friendly and high-quality it is. 

Expertise in Wet Wipes

Another 33% of votes chose expertise in wet wipes as their main parameter. This is crucial to creating a seamless process in developing and manufacturing our customer’s product. As a trusted and experienced partner, with over 35 years of wet wipes development and manufacturing experience, we proactively seek to improve each product line. We do this while protecting and enhancing brand quality and visibility. Coupled with this extensive experience comes our commitment to innovation. We are continually upgrading and developing our products according to the latest research and technological advancements. This commitment has led to us becoming pioneering flushable wipes manufacturers. We also believe in the importance of manufacturing that commits to environmental sustainability, and this runs through our product lifecycle planning.

Customization Capabilities

Although a smaller percentage voted for “customization capabilities”, we view this factor as being a critical component of your experience. One example of this is in our refreshing wipes, which are meant to clean your skin and absorb sweat. There are a wide range of fragrances and ingredients available depending on your needs. We know that there are widely varying opinions about smells, so you can customize the fragrance of your wet wipes. Not only that, but you can decide their size, shape, weight, ingredients, and packaging. You control every single detail. This also matters for the type of wet wipe you want to produce. If you are manufacturing baby wipes, for example, you need to create a more gentle and sensitive product than if you are manufacturing household cleaning wipes

Global Reach

Global reach is crucial when you need to deliver your wet wipes quickly while considering international regulations. With 3 plants in Germany, Spain, and Poland, manufacturing over 500 million wet wipe packages annually, Albaad Europe is the continental-European market leader. Beyond that, we also have plants in Israel. We have created the infrastructure necessary to provide on-time service to anywhere on the planet. 

Our international company culture enables us to provide consultation and product development to meet the needs of our global clients. We promise fast, flexible, and reliable service every time. 

Although people have different priorities when it comes to what is most important in a wet wipes manufacturer, they mainly want their wipes to be made by experts and with high quality materials. As your global wet wipes manufacturer, we provide our customers with exactly what they need.