What To Consider When Choosing A Wet Wipe Manufacturer

Deciding who to choose to produce your wet wipe can be an overwhelming decision. Learn what to consider when making this big choice. 

When it comes to taking your wet wipe idea from concept to product, you may be wondering what you really need to be looking for in a manufacturer. Here we will guide you regarding what to consider when choosing a private label wet wipe manufacturer, and how you can have the smoothest journey.

Does the manufacturer understand your vision?

Without the manufacturer knowing exactly what you want, you may find that the process is difficult from day one. Do they understand the function of the wipe, the best way to package it, and the best materials to be used? You need to be asking the manufacturer the right questions but also making sure to explain your vision clearly.

As one of the leading wet wipes manufacturers, Albaad takes communication with customers extremely seriously. We are responsive and work closely with customers to bring their wipe to market, exactly as they had envisioned at the beginning. With over 35 years experience in customizing products, we have the ability to customize every step in the production process according to our clients specific and precise needs.

Do the products produced by this manufacturer meet your expectations?

There is a lot that goes into the different elements of a wet wipe – fabric, lotions, solutions, chemicals and packaging, to name just a few. Having confidence in your manufacturer is key. Do not be shy to reach out for a tour with a manufacturer. Seeing first hand what is going on behind the scenes is crucial to your decision. 

At Albaad our door is always open to welcome new clients. We pride ourselves on not just the quality of our products but also on the manufacturing plants themselves, with our CIP (clean-in-place) system, our efficient production lines and our happy employees, we are proud to show it all to you.
When it comes to the products themselves, from start to finish, Albaad creates wipes using the highest quality materials. The exact fibers necessary are selected depending on each particular type of cloth sheet. We integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. Weather you are searching for a household cleaning wipes manufacturers or a moist toilet tissue manufacturers or something totally new, we offer it all. 

Can this manufacturer deal with your distribution needs

One thing not to overlook when researching the best manufacturer, is their global reach and distribution policies. A global manufacturer is a manufacturer that has an efficient supply chain that spans across the globe. They are able to deliver your products more efficiently. If the manufacturer you’re looking into is based in only one location on the globe, no matter what they promise, you should be skeptical of their delivery capabilities. When global crises hit, supply chain disruption is devastating for businesses, as seen recently during Covid19. 

At Albaad we have manufacturing plants all over the Europe, and multiple within Israel. Each plant has hundreds of employees and has broad production capabilities. We quickly deliver large orders worldwide.

This is another area where Albaad can lift the burden from your shoulders. We deliver large orders to global audiences quickly while also making sure that your wet wipes meet the regulatory requirements for the countries you’ll be distributing your products to.

Considering these three areas will help you examine different wet wipe manufacturers and how they fit your needs. Understanding of your vision, products produced and distribution capabilities are all areas that need your attention before making a decision, and with the right answers you’ll have a fantastic wet wipe manufacturing experience.