What You Need to Know about Wet Wipes and Germ Removal

Wet wipes are frequently used for cleaning purposes, but are they really effective in germ removal? 

If you rely on wet wipes to remove heavy-duty germs in your household, you need to look at what your wipes are meant to do. Keep in mind that not all wet wipes are meant to remove germs. 

Wipes That Don’t Remove Germs

Take baby wipes, which are water-based and do not kill a significant number of germs. This is because they are meant to be gentle. In fact, if they do kill a lot of germs, they probably are not good for your child. A baby’s skin is more delicate than an adult’s skin. Not only that, but the skin in the diaper area is even more sensitive due to possible friction with diapers and over-exposure to moisture. This is why it is critical that baby wipes be soothing for a pleasant cleansing experience. This means that when you are done cleaning your baby, you need to wash your hands and your baby’s hands with soap and water. 

As wet wipes manufacturers, we offer customized baby wipes that meet a wide range of needs. 

Wipes That Remove Germs

Household Cleaning Wipes

If you’re looking for something a little stronger to clean your house, we can arrange that. Household wipes work by physically removing germs from the surfaces of your home. The germs attach to the wipes, which makes it easy to get rid of them quickly. The active chemical usually found in these wipes is benzalkonium chloride, which is approved to kill germs. 

The advantage of using household cleaning wipes over a towel or spray is that they clean much more effectively. This is because a towel that you use on different surfaces can spread germs to an uncontaminated surface. You only use wipes once on each surface, which means that you’re able to eliminate germs quickly. 

Household wipes are designed to target bacteria, viruses, and germs on surfaces like counters, TV, phones, and more. As household cleaning wipes manufacturers, we design a wide range of these wipes ourselves. Our products include floor wipes that clean floors with minimal effort and automotive cockpit wipes, which clean the interior plastic surfaces in cars. Our antibacterial options include APC wipes, bathroom wipes, and stainless steel wipes. These wipes are designed specifically to kill bacteria.  

Hand Wipes

Other wipes that remove germs include hand wipes. In fact, they are more effective in removing bacterial sores from hands than hand sanitizer, according to a study by the Special Pathogens Laboratory. This is mainly because hand wipes require a mechanical wiping action, which physically removes more bacterial sores. 

Moreover, a third-party laboratory tested Albaad’s Cleanitize Cleaning and Disinfecting Wipes and granted EPA approval for its claims that they can kill the virus that causes Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). These wipes are most effective when used as directed on hard, non-porous surfaces. The best part is that these wipes are bleach free and leave a fresh, clean scent – not that chemical smell!

Another of our hand wipes products, Safe & Soft, cleans and kills 99.9% of common germs on the skin, as well as removing dirt. They break down and remove oil, grease, and other food residue. These wipes are also an FDA registered wet wipe that is safe for use on the skin. Not only that, but they are alcohol free, so you don’t need to worry about drying out your skin while you keep yourself clean. 

As hand wipes manufacturers, we pay attention not only to the effectiveness of our products, but how comfortable and pleasant they are to use. Germ removal is clearly a critical component of your wet wipes, but you want them to leave you feeling better, too. We know exactly how to strike that balance.