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Celebrating International Women’s Day at Albaad

At Albaad, we acknowledge the individual and celebrate the people on the ground who make our company what it is. Today, on International Women’s Day, we give an extra special nod of recognition to all the strong women in our team. 

Throughout the year, we shine the spotlight on employees and have featured many of the women who are pillars of Albaad. Judith Rottmann from Albaad Germany has been an important part of our Albaad family for the last 17 years. After all this time she says she loves the diversity of her job and creating new products. As HR Manager, Vera Kühlwein says “I love working with 34 different nations and taking on the responsibility of education, training, and development.” Sarit Dino, an account manager at Albaad, lives by her own advice by embodying professionalism and commitment to Albaad’s mission. We are proud to have her, and all our female employees at Albaad this International Women’s Day and all year round. 

Through the products that we manufacture, Albaad is also focusing on women and their needs. For example, pregnancy is a time of great expectation and joy for a woman, as she prepares to bring new life into the world. However, pregnancy can also create discomfort. In response to these changes and based on over 25 years experience as a global wet wipes manufacturer, we were able to create maternity wipes which can be customized to meet the maternity needs of women all around the globe. 

As moist toilet tissue manufacturers, we know that this too is a product that many women find indispensable in their homes. These wipes simultaneously meet consumer requirements and environmental needs. Our flushable wipes are based on a strong and elastic base-sheet, which provides ease of handling during usage. The wipes are biodegradable and pass through wastewater conveyance and treatment systems without causing blockage.

When it comes to keeping a home clean, Albaad as household cleaning wipes manufacturers offer wet wipes solutions that are fully customizable to meet the needs of our clients. From bathroom wipes to floor, furniture and stainless steel wipes, we cover it all.

Something many women are searching for is care for their skin. Albaad, as leading and global cosmetic wipes manufacturers, have developed a cosmetic wipes range to clean and nurture the skin with beneficial nutrients to help improve its appearance and maintain its beauty. Our cosmetic wipes may not be able to fully stop the changes that occur due to the passing of time, but they can ensure healthier looking and feeling skin at any age. Albaad’s range of products and wet wipes manufacturing solutions are designed for different age groups as well as for different applications, such as refreshment, moisturizing, cleansing and make up removal.

Albaad’s Intimate care wipes designed for women respect the unique needs of the skin and provide a wide range of solutions for freshness, care and protection. The function of the skin is to protect organs from external aggressions. The skin in intimate areas has special needs as it is more sensitive due to the unique composition of nerve cells. The pH level of the skin in intimate areas is different from other parts of the body. If this delicate balance is disturbed, harmful bacteria can multiply. At Albaad, we care about the comfort of women.

This International Women’s Day, we at Albaad wish all the lovely ladies around the globe a happy women’s day as we strive to continue to provide our clients with the highest quality products, while meeting their full wet wipes manufacturing needs. Our wet wipes are always fully-customizable according to our clients exact needs.


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Foot Care with Albaad

Keeping your feet healthy is vital to your overall health. Albaad has the perfect wipes for all your foot care needs.

Many of us make sure to take care of most parts of our bodies, from the care of our hearts, muscles and joints to the more superficial areas like hair and nails. However, many people tend to neglect their feet. This is unfortunate as our feet are really the foundation for our entire body, they work hard for us and they deserve some of our attention, and dedicated foot care time.

Everyday wear and tear can be hard on your feet. Overuse, shoes that don’t fit properly and even the weather conditions can lead to issues with your feet. ​​According to the National Foot Health Assessment, 20% of American adults aged 21 and over have experienced cracked heels. Meaning there is a large population of people out there who are in need of proper foot care.

As foot wet wipes manufacturers we have a large range of foot wipes for these exact issues. Our range includes massaging wipes, exfoliating wipes, and wax removal wipes. Each one offers something different for the care of your feet.

Feet Massaging Wipes

In order to energize tired feet, these wipes are enriched with peppermint extract. However we do offer the ability for these massaging wipes to be customized with any fragrance and ingredients to meet a customer’s particular needs. They can also be manufactured according to specific packaging needs.

Exfoliating Wipes for Rough Skin

Forget the pumice stone, these exfoliating feet wipes remove rough and hard skin just as well, and have the added benefit of not requiring rinsing after application. They are comfortable to use, and an ideal and highly-effective exfoliating solution for all foot care needs.  

Wax Residue Removing Wipes

Another area of foot care involves the waxing off of unwanted hair. This often leaves wax residue on the feet, which is where these wax removing feet wipes come into play. They are designed especially to remove wax residues following hair depilation! They are effective in removing residual wax, and very comfortable to use. Give your clients a more comfortable experience, by reducing mess after waxing in a comfortable and pleasant way. 

No matter what the need, Albaad’s got you covered, as all of our wipes can be customized by size, shape, weight, materials, fragrance, ingredients and packaging. As a private label wet wipes manufacturer, Albaad is able to work with you to create the perfect foot wipe for your specific customers needs. Our wipes are manufactured with the highest ingredients, and according to local and international manufacturing standards.

Remember that if feet aren’t your thing, Albaad is one of the leading hand wipes manufacturers as well!

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Albaad has global reach

Albaad’s Global Reach

Albaad has a global footprint with manufacturing plants all over the world. This enables us to support the growing demand and have an impressive global reach.

These last two years the world has witnessed the devastation caused in production lines, when the pandemic caused the world to shut down. At Albaad we’ve created the infrastructure necessary to support global demand and provide on-time service to anywhere on the planet. Having a global reach means there are delays with Albaad.

We currently have 8 manufacturing plants, located in the US, Poland, Germany, Iberia and Israel, meaning we have established manufacturing networks on 3 continents around the world. Essentially giving us the ability to reach more customers, and respond to local orders at an impressive speed. We also have the added benefit of our global manufacturing plants being supported by our internationally located research and development offices. And our international company culture enables us to provide products, consultation and proper product development to meet the needs of all of our global clients.

We at Albaad are a private label wet wipes manufacturer as well as a contract wet wipes manufacturer. We are able to make every part of the required product, and all of our manufacturing processes and facilities meet international standards for safe manufacturing. Some of the world’s largest retailers and big-name brands rely on us for high-quality wet wipes manufacturing and solutions.

We currently have over 35 years experience of wet wipes development and manufacturing, and we are committed to pioneering new approaches to manufacturing innovative products. We are particularly proud of the part we’ve played as flushable wipes manufacturers, making sure there has been a large focus on environmental sustainability. 

All our products are fully customizable to our customer’s complete and precise needs. This includes understanding and meeting their local needs and requirements. We are aware of the strict manufacturing standards and regulations for all countries we produce for. Our first priority is high-quality, safe products.

From baby care wipes, to household cleaning wipes and more, we offer a wide range and variety of customizable wipes and other product solutions. There is a wipe for every industry, from leather cleaning wipes to veterinary wipes.

No matter where in the world you are located Albaad has your wet wipe needs covered. Be in touch with us to learn more about working together. 



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wet wipes for toddlers

Keeping Toddlers Clean with Wet Wipes

Everyone knows it takes a toddler all of 10 seconds to make a mess anywhere in the house. Albaad offers various wet wipe solutions to keep toddlers clean and healthy during play time, meals, and potty training.

Often customers are looking for a clever and efficient way to stay on top of the mess created by toddlers and babies during their daily lives. Keeping toddlers clean is a top priority for many. Having these solutions for your customer is exactly where Albaad, as one of the world’s leading wet wipes manufacturers, excels.

Toddler Cleansing Wipes

Maintaining hygiene of little ones while they explore the world and become more independent is critical, and customers are able to do that with our toddler cleansing wipes. They are made with mild ingredients and a variety of fun and fruity scents. Having a product that appeals to toddlers and their caregivers alike is of utmost importance and these wipes do the job. 

Hands and Face Wipes

These wipes contain mild ingredients, perfect for a toddler’s sensitive skin, in order to protect the hygiene of their hands and faces. As a private label wet wipes manufacturer, Albaad is able to work with you to create the perfect toddler wipe for your specific customers. We can customize any product, from its size, shape, weight, ingredients, fragrance and packaging, meaning you can bring to market your perfect wet wipe. 

Ink and Playdough Removing Wipes

Give a toddler playdough and it won’t take them long to get it all over themselves. These wipes are designed to remove dirt and sticky films off little ones during playtime. These multi-use and multi-purpose wipes are perfect for toddlers who are intent on exploring their environment with all of their senses.

Potty Training Wipes

These wipes are large-sized and efficiently and elegantly absorb and clean up potty training ‘accidents’. Making potty training easier and much less messy.
Another must have during potty training is flushable wipes, as moist toilet tissue manufacturers, we’ve created a product that simultaneously meets consumer hygiene requirements and environmental needs. As a toddler learns to use the bathroom, these wipes are the perfect solution, as they feel smooth on your skin, cleanses efficiently, and leaves a pleasant and fresh feeling.

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Dairy farmer with cows

The Uses of Veterinary Wipes in the Dairy Industry

Did you know that wet wipes are used in the dairy industry? In fact, not only are they used, but they are critical to healthy cows. With over 25 years experience as a veterinary wet wipes manufacturer, we know that hygiene is a key factor in the dairy industry.

Mastitis in cows, called bovine mastitis, is a condition typified by the persistent and inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue, it is a potentially fatal mammary gland infection, and is the most common disease in dairy cattle worldwide. It is the most devastating disease in the dairy industry costing farms more money than is worth. 


Treatment of the disease is carried out by penicillin injection in combination with a sulphar drug, which is both timely and costly. So as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

So how do farmers go about preventing bovine mastitis from occurring in their cattle? Consistency in sanitizing the cow and the teats is a must. Albaad’s dairy wipes help maintain the hygiene of cow udders during pre- and post-milking and without the need to rinse and dry the skin, these wipes are impregnated with a disinfectant bactericide and contain a conditioner to replace moisture to keep teats supple and healthy. By keeping the udders clean, stops the transfer from cow to cow, and keeps the machinery clean and hygienic. As dirt usually contains a lot of bacteria, the aim is to keep the cows udder clean, and free of dirt. 


By keeping the cows udder clean with a veterinary wipe, and therefore keeping bovine mastitis levels down, this indirectly contributes to a higher yield in milk production and better milk quality.


Although it may be considered a niche market, wipes for the dairy industry are vital, and a product needed by all dairy farmers.
As vertical producers and a leading, global company when it comes to contract wet wipes manufacturing, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create the perfect veterinary wipe. As a global company, with sites on three continents, we are able to service the world, and supply these essential wipes to farmers on all sides of the globe.

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Albaad's Flushable Wipes

Are Albaad’s Flushable Wipes Truly Flushable?

Albaad just celebrated its 2 year anniversary since being the first flushable wipes manufacturer to pass the IWSFG Flushability Standard test. Read on to learn more about their TRULY flushable wipes.

Many brands claim to have wipes that are safe to flush, but this isn’t a claim they can just make. There are standards to adhere to in order to legitimately state ‘flushable wipes’ on a package, and unfortunately, many brands are not making the cut, leading to skepticism surrounding the flushability of these types of wipes. 

However, Albaad has the certificate to prove that our flushable wipes are truly safe to flush. Why is this? Because we manufacture our flushable wipes out of Hydrofine, which is a dispersible moist toilet fabric, customized by unique nonwoven grade, appearance, and quality. 

What makes Hydrofine so special?

  • It is biodegradable 
  • Superb dispersibility performance – compliance with INDA/EDANA flushability guideline
  • Better than benchmark products – improved wet-strength, dispensing and usage 
  • Unique fabric appearance – 3D embossed customised patterns

The Hydrofine product range currently includes:

  • Moist toilet paper for adults – infused with a wide range of conditioning agents.
  • Moist toilet paper for kids – designed with fun, fruity fragrances.
  • Moist toilet paper for general feminine hygiene – especially designed for intimate areas.
  • Moist toilet paper for menstruation – enhanced with extra absorption properties for body fluids.
  • Moist toilet paper with a ‘Bidet’ effect – enhanced with extra cleansing properties.

You may be wondering, why not just use toilet paper. Well we previously put flushable wipes up against toilet paper and the results were pretty conclusive. From a hygiene perspective, they clean more efficiently and thoroughly; they’re softer and gentler; and pass the most stringent flushability standards to make sure they are really flushable. They’re the modern solution to an age-old problem.

As flushable wipes manufacturers, or as some may think of it – moist toilet tissue manufacturers, Albaad truly knows what goes into producing these products correctly. Not only were we the first company worldwide to successfully pass the IWSFG Flushability Standard test, but we also hold the GD4 Certification as well as the Fine to Flush UK Certification!

If you are looking for a moist toilet tissue you can safely put your label on and claim to be flushable, remember that Albaad is the only private label wet wipes manufacturer that you can truly trust.

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Disposable Wipes And A More Sustainable Future

Albaad is putting its focus on environmentally sustainable products and a more sustainable future for all, focusing on disposable wipes.

As wet wipe manufacturers, we know that the decisions we make influence our environment for generations to come. The development of eco-friendly products has always been a high priority for us at Albaad. We know that customers want eco-friendly and disposable wipes, but they also need convenience in their life. At Albaad, we provide them with both.

We currently use greener materials to ensure that our wet wipes are good for the environment. But although our standards are high, we are constantly making great strides to focus on improvement and increase our standards when it comes to sustainability. We recently announced the addition of a Hydrofine wetlace hybrid line to our Dimona, Israel facility. The line will commence during the third quarter of 2023 and will produce a wide variety of pulp-based wet wipes, putting the focus once more on environmentally sustainable products.

Albaad, as flushable wipes manufacturers, use Hydrofine technology in the manufacturing of its biodegradable flushable wet wipes. Its commitment to sustainability begins with the production of the raw materials used to make it – as it is produced without petro-sourcing fibers. As a fully-flushable product it is also CTP approved and fully biodegradable

Hydrofine is also available in different formats: single packs, soft packs, vertical or horizontal tabs making it adaptable to consumers needs and uses, as any wet wipe can be customized and manufactured to specific specifications.

Another way Albaad is also focusing on sustainability is by producing every part of the product in-house – including the raw materials, therefore, we are able to create, select and integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. We also have our own dedicated R&D team with proficiencies in each of the specific arenas needed to produce world-class wipes. By doing all this we’re putting the focus squarely on a more sustainable future.
Interested in learning more about our fully-customizable wet wipes or looking for a private label wet wipes manufacturer please be in touch with us, we look forward to assisting you.


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Albaad wet wipe manufacturers

What To Consider When Choosing A Wet Wipe Manufacturer

Deciding who to choose to produce your wet wipe can be an overwhelming decision. Learn what to consider when making this big choice. 

When it comes to taking your wet wipe idea from concept to product, you may be wondering what you really need to be looking for in a manufacturer. Here we will guide you regarding what to consider when choosing a private label wet wipe manufacturer, and how you can have the smoothest journey.

Does the manufacturer understand your vision?

Without the manufacturer knowing exactly what you want, you may find that the process is difficult from day one. Do they understand the function of the wipe, the best way to package it, and the best materials to be used? You need to be asking the manufacturer the right questions but also making sure to explain your vision clearly.

As one of the leading wet wipes manufacturers, Albaad takes communication with customers extremely seriously. We are responsive and work closely with customers to bring their wipe to market, exactly as they had envisioned at the beginning. With over 25 years experience in customizing products, we have the ability to customize every step in the production process according to our clients specific and precise needs.

Do the products produced by this manufacturer meet your expectations?

There is a lot that goes into the different elements of a wet wipe – fabric, lotions, solutions, chemicals and packaging, to name just a few. Having confidence in your manufacturer is key. Do not be shy to reach out for a tour with a manufacturer. Seeing first hand what is going on behind the scenes is crucial to your decision. 

At Albaad our door is always open to welcome new clients. We pride ourselves on not just the quality of our products but also on the manufacturing plants themselves, with our CIP (clean-in-place) system, our efficient production lines and our happy employees, we are proud to show it all to you.
When it comes to the products themselves, from start to finish, Albaad creates wipes using the highest quality materials. The exact fibers necessary are selected depending on each particular type of cloth sheet. We integrate the perfect combination of materials, fibers, lotions, cleaning solution or chemicals needed to create each particular wipe product. Weather you are searching for a household cleaning wipes manufacturers or a moist toilet tissue manufacturers or something totally new, we offer it all. 

Can this manufacturer deal with your distribution needs

One thing not to overlook when researching the best manufacturer, is their global reach and distribution policies. A global manufacturer is a manufacturer that has an efficient supply chain that spans across the globe. They are able to deliver your products more efficiently. If the manufacturer you’re looking into is based in only one location on the globe, no matter what they promise, you should be skeptical of their delivery capabilities. When global crises hit, supply chain disruption is devastating for businesses, as seen recently during Covid19. 

At Albaad we have manufacturing plants all over the world, from Germany to the USA to Poland and more. Each plant has hundreds of employees and has broad production capabilities. We quickly deliver large orders worldwide with sites on 3 continents and with our in-house materials.

This is another area where Albaad can lift the burden from your shoulders. We deliver large orders to global audiences quickly while also making sure that your wet wipes meet the regulatory requirements for the countries you’ll be distributing your products to.

Considering these three areas will help you examine different wet wipe manufacturers and how they fit your needs. Understanding of your vision, products produced and distribution capabilities are all areas that need your attention before making a decision, and with the right answers you’ll have a fantastic wet wipe manufacturing experience.

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what is most important in a wet wipes manufacturer

What is Most Important in a Wet Wipes Manufacturer?

We consider what is most important in a wet wipes manufacturer and how we provide that for you.

When seeking a wet wipe manufacturer, buyers place importance on different aspects. It is crucial to understand what those factors are to make informed decisions. In a poll we conducted on LinkedIn (, we asked our followers what is most important to their organization when they are looking for a wet wipe manufacturer. We explored factors such as global reach, expertise in wet wipes, high quality materials, and customization capabilities. 

High Quality Materials 

In this poll, 58% of our followers prioritize high quality materials above all else. This makes sense – after all, the quality of the materials used determines the quality of your end product. We produce every part of the product in-house, including the raw materials. We also have our own dedicated R&D team with proficiencies in each of the specific arenas needed to produce world-class wipes.

When you take an inside look at how we manufacture our nonwoven fabrics in wet wipes, you get an idea of how much of an emphasis we place on this too. This sustainable fabric is biodegradable, plastic-free, fully flushable, and made entirely from natural fibers. From web formation to web bonding and drying, our machines are equipped with a process and quality control system that monitors all the relevant parameters of production. These wipes are exceptionally high quality as a result. Our moist toilet tissue is truly one-of-a-kind in terms of how eco-friendly and high-quality it is. 

Expertise in Wet Wipes

Another 33% of votes chose expertise in wet wipes as their main parameter. This is crucial to creating a seamless process in developing and manufacturing our customer’s product. As a trusted and experienced partner, with over 25 years of wet wipes development and manufacturing experience, we proactively seek to improve each product line. We do this while protecting and enhancing brand quality and visibility. Coupled with this extensive experience comes our commitment to innovation. We are continually upgrading and developing our products according to the latest research and technological advancements. This commitment has led to us becoming pioneering flushable wipes manufacturers. We also believe in the importance of manufacturing that commits to environmental sustainability, and this runs through our product lifecycle planning.

Customization Capabilities

Although a smaller percentage voted for “customization capabilities”, we view this factor as being a critical component of your experience. One example of this is in our refreshing wipes, which are meant to clean your skin and absorb sweat. There are a wide range of fragrances and ingredients available depending on your needs. We know that there are widely varying opinions about smells, so you can customize the fragrance of your wet wipes. Not only that, but you can decide their size, shape, weight, ingredients, and packaging. You control every single detail. This also matters for the type of wet wipe you want to produce. If you are manufacturing baby wipes, for example, you need to create a more gentle and sensitive product than if you are manufacturing household cleaning wipes

Global Reach

Global reach is crucial when you need to deliver your wet wipes quickly while considering international regulations. With 3 plants in Germany, Spain, and Poland, manufacturing over 500 million wet wipe packages annually, Albaad Europe is the continental-European market leader. Beyond that, we also have plants in the USA and in Israel. We have created the infrastructure necessary to provide on-time service to anywhere on the planet. 

Our international company culture enables us to provide consultation and product development to meet the needs of our global clients. We promise fast, flexible, and reliable service every time. 

Although people have different priorities when it comes to what is most important in a wet wipes manufacturer, they mainly want their wipes to be made by experts and with high quality materials. As your global wet wipes manufacturer, we provide our customers with exactly what they need. 



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Albaad's Pet Wipes

Pet Wipes and Why You Should Use Them

Find out why you should use pet wipes and what kinds make the most sense for you.

If you have just adopted a pet, you might be wondering what the benefits of pet wipes are. After all, wouldn’t you just bathe them? Why would you need specific wipes for your pet’s needs? The truth is, there are many reasons to use pet wipes. Learn about the types of wet wipes we offer and why they matter. 

Clean Paw Wipes

You know better than anyone where your pet’s paws have been and why you need to keep them clean. After every walk, it is important to wipe your pet’s paws down, especially if you want your carpet to survive. Otherwise, you have no idea what they might be tracking into the house, and you will be lucky if it’s just mud. 

But wiping down their paws isn’t just for you – it’s for your pet, too. In the winter, they can get chemical burns from sidewalk salt. Prevent this by cleaning their paws and making sure that they are safe. 

As wet wipes manufacturers, we make sure that our clean paw wipes are suited for the gentle and effective cleaning of pet paws. Veterinary specialists and dermatologists confirm that the cleansing lotion used in our wipes dissolves dry dirt. Therefore, they are ideal for treating sensitive dog skin. Our wipes ensure pet owners do not need to compromise on quality, safety, or hygiene when it comes to paw cleaning. 

Clean Fur Wipes

Your pet’s fur gets dirty all the time! On top of that, different areas of pets need more constant care. One example is wrinkly face folds. These areas of the face often get dirty before your pet truly needs a bath (especially if your pet drools a lot). Quickly wiping all the mess away is the best way to keep your pet clean. 

If your pet stops to sniff at everything they pass during the spring, they might be bringing pollen into your home. Help keep your allergies at bay by wiping off all traces of this after a walk. Other reasons to use clean fur wipes include minimizing their smell and making sure they stay clean on hikes or long walks. You also need to clean your pet after bathroom excursions. 

Our clean fur pet wipes are infused with a blend of moisturizing vegetable oils that clean, nurture, and condition pet fur. We designed them to pamper and clean your pet with safe, effective ingredients. 

Substitute for the Bath

Our no-rinse pet shampoo wipes are an effective substitute for pet baths. Avoid messy situations at home and in veterinary clinics with our no-rinse pet shampoo wipes. They make cleaning more efficient, more effective, and a lot less messy too!

There are all kinds of reasons you might prefer wipes to a bath. Senior pets in particular often have limited mobility, which means that getting them into a tub can be difficult. The solution to keeping them fresh and clean without the stress of lifting them (which might be too much for you to do) is through the power of pet wipes. It’s also the best solution for newly adopted pets, especially rescue animals. Because they need time to get acquainted with their new home, bath time can be a stressful experience. 

Another reason to substitute the bath is for spot cleaning. If you bathed your pet every time you noticed a speck of dirt, your pet would never leave the bathtub! Sometimes you are just dealing with a small mess, and you don’t have the time to go through the process of bathing your pet. This is especially true if your pet hates the process and is fighting you the entire time.

We manufactured our non-rinse pet shampoo wipes as extra-large wipes and infused them with a mild cleansing solution that keeps pet fur clean and smelling fresh. Our pet wipes are of the highest quality and are safe to use at home or when out.


Treat your pets with our customizable pet wipes solutions. Our wet wipes are specially designed to provide a convenient and safe solution for anyone involved in the care of animals. From our clean paw and fur wipes to no-rinse shampoo wipes, pamper your pet with safe and effective ingredients. 

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albaad manufacturing plant

Supply Chain Disruption

COVID-19 has led to a significant supply chain disruption, which means that sustaining business operations has been a challenge for companies everywhere. 

Coronavirus has had a widespread impact on the supply chain globally. 94% of Fortune 1000 companies saw disruptions, 75% of companies experienced negative or strongly negative impacts on their businesses, and 55% of companies plan to downgrade their growth outlooks (or have already done so), according to a study by Accenture. In the face of so much grim news, it is hard to see how businesses can recover. Selling at the usual pace has been impossible for most companies worldwide. 

The pandemic has seriously tested supply chain leaders globally in maintaining essential operations. They still need to deliver goods and services, despite the virus. This means that business leaders must make quick decisions to serve their customers and their own employees. 

Here at Albaad, we keep up with production even when the world is shut down. This is because we have the means to continue delivering large orders worldwide. 

Global Reach

The first reason for this is because we have manufacturing plants all over the world, including in the USA, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Israel. Each plant has hundreds of employees and has broad production capabilities. Because of our vast production capacity, we are able to deliver large orders around the world quickly. As one of the three largest wet wipes manufacturers in the world, Albaad has world-leading production facilities on three continents, each equipped with the latest technologies to provide cost savings and to ensure efficient and timely manufacturing to meet our clients’ needs. We are proud of our global reach, combined with our ability to provide local services and solutions, fast.

Supply Risk

The supply risk of overseas manufacturing sites is another factor in supply chain disruption. With the pandemic raging throughout the world, plants that relied on getting their supplies from factories around the world had to delay or stop their manufacturing processes completely. However, we produce every part of the product in-house – including the raw materials. This means that we do not need to wait for other factories to supply us with the materials we need; we can manufacture our products from start to finish ourselves. We also have our own dedicated R&D team with proficiencies in each of the specific arenas needed to produce world-class wipes. The latest example of our innovative manufacturing process is in our flushable wet wipes, Hydrofine. We manufacture these wipes with biodegradable, raw materials (without petro-sourcing fibers) that meet the highest flushability standards. 


This pandemic is not a short-term crisis; it has consequences that we will be dealing with for years to come. Because of this, it is crucial to build long-term resilience to face future challenges. We have created a holistic approach to manage the supply chain and have built in sufficient flexibility to protect against any other unforeseen circumstances that may come up in the future. Having a secure framework with responsive risk management is crucial to handling global production. 

We pride ourselves on helping communities and enabling businesses to continue operations as usual during these challenging times.


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